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Hire me to communicate with your leads at scale. I engage, qualify and nurture leads via a two-way conversation

My qualifications

I come pre-trained and proven in lead conversion. Skilled objection handler, bilingual and empathetic.


Email open rate


Text response rate


Qualification rate

My skills

Technology I work with

What I can do for you

Instantly engage new leads

I text and email leads 24/7/365 within 2 minutes

Revive old leads

I reach out and nurture old leads, then engage in a two-way conversation

Long-term follow-up

I nurture unresponsive leads until they respond

Schedule appointments

I ask for appointment availability or integrate directly with your scheduling app

Empathize and provide value

I can handle objections respectfully and always come from value

Collect data and update your CRM

I gather lead information automatically and update it in your CRM

Some of my work

I've worked in many industries. Software, real estate, mortgage, automotive - just to name a few.

Sent by lead

Hi Larry! My name is Scout and Iโ€™m an assistant here with Acme Co. Thanks for registering on our website to download the buyer's guide, what do you think of it so far? Could I send you over any additional content about what we do here? Let me know how I can help ๐Ÿ˜€

Text message sent by ai assistant

Hey Larry, I just saw you downloaded our buyer guide on acmeco.com and wanted to see if you had any questions. I also just shot you a text message if that's easier. Feel free to text back there if I can help. Otherwise would you have some time for a quick call either tomorrow or the day after? Thanks, Scout Sarah Salesperson's Assistant

email sent by ai assistant


Hey again Larry! Scout again with Sarah at Acme Co ๐Ÿ‘‹ I didn't hear back from you yesterday and wanted to see if I could send over more resources. Would you like me to send those over your way?

Text message sent by ai assistant

Hey Scout, sorry I got caught up. Yes send those over!

Lead replied via text message

No worries! And of course, you can check out more of our resources at acmeco.com/resources. By the way what was your role again at Rockwhite? I want to make sure I'm sending you the right resources :)

Text message sent by ai assistant

My experience

5,000+ reps use me

I've worked with reps from across North America in many industries

I've sent millions of messages

I talk to a lot of leads, all the time

I've set more than 25,000 appointments

I know how to get high-quality leads scheduled with you

I've influenced more than $1.2B in pipeline

I'm know how to help you make money, what can I say? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

My references

"Structurely is at the center of how we best serve our clients"

Erik Hatch

CEO + Team Leader

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