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Oct 3

Your Agents Aren't Following Up with Leads, Artificial Intelligence can Change That

Nate Joens

Nate Joens

Co-founder, head of innovation

Like most industries, lead follow-up is key.

But in real estate, where there are nearly 2 million real estate agents fighting for approximately 5 million home sales per year, following up with your leads is do or die.

Do your agents know that?

Look, we get it, following up with leads is challenging, exhausting and frustrating. So it's easy for your agents to find every excuse in the book not to do it. But knowing that your chances of converting a lead reduce by 21x after just 5 minutes of not following up with them shows how important it is to have systems, training and support in place for your team to dominate lead follow up.

We asked agents who use Aisa Holmes here at Structurely, an artificial intelligence Inside Sales Agent, how they've successfully built lead follow up systems to handle the hundreds and thousands of leads they generate each month.

How can you tell if your agents aren't following up?

This is something most team leaders and brokers ask themselves every day. We believe it can be answered by boiling down your company's metrics to one indicator: lead conversion rate.

If your team is experiencing low conversion rates, your business cannot sustain itself. Sure, you may be generating thousands of leads per month, but if you're only converting 1% of those leads, are you going to see a positive ROI on your lead generation, marketing and human resource spend?

When Chad Leonberg, a top producing team leader at eXp Realty in Pittsburgh, PA began growing his team, he quickly saw growth in the number of leads generated. However, with the growing number of leads came a decreasing amount of lead follow-up, which ultimately started to diminish his lead conversion rate.

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According to Chad, "My team was spending way too much time in front of the computer screen qualifying leads and not enough time in front of future clients and their future home."

The bottom line is, to scale his team, Chad needed his agents in the field, not in front of their computers. As he puts it, "There is simply no way I could be available 24/7 to be able to respond instantly to leads who expect an answer right then and there."

Like many of you, Chad needed to scale his team, and that's where he decided to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to qualify and follow up with leads for his team.

Aisa Holmes is now following up with over 500 leads per month for Chad’s team and has in turn increased their conversion rate by 17%. Aisa Holmes’ consistent and dedicated lead follow-up has allowed Chad’s team to spend more time in the field doing the job they love.

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Why is lead follow-up so hard?

For most brokers and teams, lead follow-up is a moving target. It's a series of processes and systems that require constant monitoring and tweaks.

Steve Aust, a broker at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Journey in Fayetteville, AR is not new to building scalable, successful lead follow-up systems. As the #1 producing brokerage in Arkansas his team's lead volume is off the charts, which puts a serious strain on their lead follow-up.

Like many of you experiencing this same problem of, 'I have too many leads to follow up with' Steve looked to hire an in-house Inside Sales Team for his brokerage. However, he quickly found with his lead volume of nearly a thousand leads per month, that human team couldn't keep up in either quality of conversations or quantity.

"That ISA team only ended up handling about 30% of our leads. It was just not giving us what we wanted, the quality was not there". Steve realized his ISA team needed both scale and consistency to deliver the lead follow-up his team needed, which led him to hiring Aisa Holmes by Structurely.

As an AI Inside Sales Agent, Aisa Holmes, works 24/7/365, and can meet even the most demanding lead follow-up requirements. As Steve puts it, "every agent has an assistant that is immediately reaching out to their clients and engaging them. It's 24/7 coverage".

And better yet, 100% of the BHGRE Journey’s leads were now being engaged, which led to a 58% lead engagement rate- their brokerage’s highest engagement rate yet!

When it comes to delivering superior consistency, in both quality and quantity, Steve Aust and the entire Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Journey team found that and AI ISA wins the lead follow-up game. Take it from Steve himself, "Within 2 weeks of using Structurely we ended up with a two-sided transaction on a $450,000 property."

Inspire better lead follow-up with the right tools and systems

So you're leveraging automation with a CRM, you have an ISA team (either human or AI), you're regularly training your team and you're incentivising lead follow up as a priority. It sounds like you've got the recipe for success when it comes to lead follow-up, right?

Jeff Chubb, team leader at Chubb Realty, top producing realtor in Boston, MA, thought he had his lead follow-up system down.

As he started adding more agents to his team, that level of consistency couldn't continue. "Agents were not getting to leads quick enough and were not following up."

As a coach with Club Wealth, Jeff is heavily interested in training, inspiring and investing in his agent's success.

But what Jeff didn't realize he was missing in his agent's training and tools was Aisa Holmes.

"Leads don't respond to my agents for whatever reason, but they respond to Valerie." (Valerie is what his team renamed Aisa Holmes to)

The important distinction that Aisa Holmes adds to Jeff's teams follow-up is the fact that it's not an agent. Consumers in general are far more likely to engage and open up with those they believe aren't salespeople, and who don't pressure them.

As Aisa Holmes was trained with empathy, objection handling, trust and respect, it's the perfect tool to drive that ever so important initial engagement with leads.

Jeff's team now has the ability to leverage the training and other tools they're provided to further engage leads warmed up by Aisa Holmes.

Following up with leads isn't easy

Lead follow-up isn't easy and it wasn't meant to be. Only the best agents will win the lead conversion game, and even then, those agents are always tweaking their tools and systems.

By leveraging the right training, investing in the right tools and trusting tools like Aisa Holmes, you and your agent's lead follow-up doesn't have to be so hard.

Ready to grow your business by dominating lead follow-up? Try Aisa Holmes for free!

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