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Jul 14

How to Build a Killer Tech Company: From the Best in Tech - Why you Need to Register for FlyOver Tech Fest

Nate Joens

Nate Joens

Co-founder, head of innovation

The technology community used to look out their airplane windows at us as they flew over to their destinations on the coasts. We were just blips on their radar.

That is until we made a name for ourselves by starting amazing tech companies, accelerators, associations, and VC organizations.

The movement is real. We've been doing more with less for too long.

What the heck is the FlyOver Tech Fest and why would you register?

Really glad you asked.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Yes, we know, yet another virtual summit. We’re sure you’ve had your fair share since Spring.

So, we thought it would make sense to look into the “why” and dig into the value you’ll get from the FlyOver Tech Fest.

Here it goes.

The FlyOver Tech Fest is a virtual technology festival featuring top tech leaders.

We know with a name like FlyOver Tech Fest there will be the perception this festival is just for those from, or interested in, states with cornfields. True, the impetus is the tech community in states like ours, we’re from Iowa. But, we realized only hearing speakers from our community would provide one perspective and not bring true value. That is why we’ve gone outside of our backyards to get speakers from all perspectives and logistics.

So, why should you register?

To answer that, let’s look at the four announced (more announced weekly) speakers and list a few takeaways you’ll likely have from hearing their sessions:

Ben Milne - He not only built a #Fintech juggernaut in Dwolla, but he did so by securing over $50mm in fundraising from the likes of Andreesen and Ashton Kutcher, who was quoted as saying he wanted Dwolla “to build a killer (bleeping) company in Iowa and put a bunch of people to work here.”  

  • Takeaway:  The tangible lessons he learned while securing investment and building a world-class product and team

Sarah Hill - As former News correspondent, the stories she covered kept her up at night and made her sick, literally. Rather than letting it run her life, she researched and built a biometrically-controlled media for stress management in Healium. They recently won the Proctor & Gamble Ventures Innovation Challenge for COVID stress relief, which may be the catalyst to finding Healium in the drugstore aisle soon enough.

  • Takeaway: The steps to scaling the solution and going to market with a completely new application of technology

Mike Gozzo - He co-founded that transformed the way that thousands of businesses and millions of consumers communicate over messaging. Now, after Smooch was acquired by Zendesk, Mike leads vision and strategy for all things Conversational at Zendesk (which is a lot)

  • Takeaway: What it takes to manage a company through an acquisition

Jonathan Ellis -  As the managing director of Sandalphon Capital, he is investing in the companies that have made a name in our tech community. He knows first hand what a successful pitch looks like and what you need to build your next one.  

  • Takeaway: The perspective of the investor in the pitch and fundraising.

From perfecting your pitch to finding funding from the top VCs in the land to building a world-class product and getting acquired by a behemoth or taking your company public. You'll find it all at the FlyOver Tech Fest. It'll take you 21 seconds to book your spot that'll give you a lifetime of value.

👉 Book your place today!

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