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Apr 14

Follow Up Boss + Structurely: Your Real Estate Lead Generation Game-Changer

Pete Jones

Pete Jones

Director of Demand Generation

You know the feeling when your real estate lead generation spits out an email from a potential client, the one where they asked if you had any properties that were under $500K in suburban areas.

You feel like they're going to be your next big lead!

But then, nothing. The lead goes silent after their first contact with you.

It's frustrating when people show interest in what you do - but then never follow up or make it past those initial conversations. It feels like all of your hard work is just going down the drain.

We hear you; that is why we’ve built your next AI Assistant to engage, nurture, and qualify your online leads, so you don’t have to.

We also built worked with Follow Up Boss (FUB) to create a two-way integration that sets the industry standard and is a complete game-changer for your business, which I’ll detail below.

One Login

We hear it all the time; the last thing you want is another login.

With the two-way integration with FUB, you get the value of having an Assistant engage, nurture, and qualify your leads, but not another login that you’ll likely just forget.

Read how a fellow FUB user found immediate value with Structurely, in the Chord Real Estate Case Study  

We have a pretty amazing user interface that we hope you see at some point; I mean, it would make our designer’s day.

But, you don’t have to during your day-to-day. Your leads get delivered to you in FUB with their hands raised, looking to set an appointment with you.

It doesn’t get any better than that. I’ll explain how this happens here in a bit.  

Conversations in FUB

We care about the conversation so much we want to do everything we can to make it easy to have more of them.

One way we do that is by pumping the conversation right back into FUB. Remember the last point where I said you don’t have to get into Structurely.

Yep, that is because you can see the qualifying conversation your Assistant is having with your lead right in your notes section of FUB.

I know you’re not going to be sitting there at your computer watching the magic happen, but it has happened a few times.

Conversations in FUB.

If you were sitting at the computer, you could jump into the conversation.

Or, you can just wait until the lead asks for an appointment and your Assistant provides the lead to you with a pretty sweet notification. She loves to do that.

Training is the Worst

Yeah, I hear you on that one.

Remember before when I said there is no need to get into Structurely?

Yep, that means you don’t have to train your team how to use it either. Since we’ll mirror your lead routing rules, your agents don’t even need to know Structurely is involved.

But you might want to tell them because they might also be a little freaked out when they get into FUB and see a real-time conversation going on. 😉

Keeping Track of Agent Activity

You and I both know it is hard to get your Agents into FUB to keep your data updated.  

They hate logging things into FUB even though it makes your life so much easier. It is just not in their nature.

Once you turn on your new AI Assistant, all you will have to do is track your agent’s appointments.

Since your Assistant is handling all the lead qualification, she will also handle all the data entry.

You’ll just need to see if your agents can keep up with the increase in appointments and watch your Client Acquisition Costs hit record lows.

Bye, Bye Expensive Leads

Lead platforms are an excellent solution for your customer, but not so much for you.

I mean, unless you enjoy paying 35% or more for every lead you get delivered.

Sure, there are use cases for lead platform sites, and no, I am not trying to say we’re going to replace that solution.

But, I will go out on a limb and say there is a better way to get leads.

The FUB and Structurely integration means you can buy cheaper, low-quality leads from other platforms like Facebook and not have to pay the arm and a leg to get leads that are further down the funnel.


Your Assistant will nurture and converse with each of these leads so you can take them so much further without the risk of nurturing them for an extended period.

Your Assistant does the heavy lifting to move the lower quality leads through the funnel, and your agents get warm leads.

You save time and resources because your agents get to focus on what they do best rather than answering a bunch of questions for leads that may be kicking the tires or not looking to move for 6 to 9 months.

It is your time. Spend it where it matters and let your Assistant do the rest.

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