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Have More Personalized Conversations with Leads. Introducing Script Assignment

Nate Joens

Nate Joens

Co-founder, head of innovation

Have leads from, Zillow, and Facebook?

Structurely's Script Assignment now lets you customize your AI's lead qualification scripts specific to each source, or other lead criteria.

The Mayor. Do you know who that is?

I'm not talking about your local elected official. I'm talking about Fred Hoiberg.

Fred Hoiberg.

See, Structurely is from Ames, Iowa, which is home to the Iowa State University Cyclones. And Fred Hoiberg was a former basketball player and more recently head coach of the men's basketball team (and even more recently the Chicago Bulls and the Nebraska Cornhuskers (currently)).

The entire community in Ames lovingly referred to Fred as "The Mayor" because he grew up in Ames, was a pillar of the community, and was everywhere you looked. He ran this town.

Why am I telling you this? (other than the fact that I’m a raging Cyclone fan ?)

Because it's your job as a real estate agent, mortgage loan originator, salesperson, or anything in between to be The Mayor of your community, wherever, and whatever that may be.

Being the Mayor Comes With Perks

As Mayor, you get the keys to the city (in the real world I mean). As Mayor of your digital or personal community, you get the keys to more leads.

More and more prospects will say things to you like:

  • "I'm not sure where I saw you, I just see you around."
  • "I think I saw your face on a billboard, then on my Facebook"
  • "I saw your ads online, they were like following me around"

These are all great things. It means your Mayoral campaigns are paying off and that compounds.

For the most part, even if you're doing offline campaigns like billboards, benches, direct mail, etc - you're driving your prospects to your digital presence. That may be a landing page, your website, your social media, or anything in between.

You do this because it's far more powerful for tracking so you can keep track of your ROI on your real estate and mortgage lead generation.

What this leaves you with is different leads, finding you different ways from all sorts of different sources.

Your next task is to get to where you've now qualified a lead. You do this through inside sales technology like a real estate or mortgage CRM, where you're calling, texting, or emailing these leads until they respond.

But, are you tailoring your lead conversion scripts to the variety of different sources where your leads are coming from?

As Mayor, you Must Tailor Your Sales Process to Your Sources

Would you talk to someone who saw your billboard the same as someone who found you on Zillow? If so, you're not doing yourself any favors to being re-elected as digital Mayor of your community.

These leads are in vastly different stages and mindsets when they find you. Let's break it down:


  • Drives by your billboard every day
  • Lives in your community
  • Went to your landing page as directed per your billboard
  • Inquired via the call to action on your landing page


  • May not live in your community
  • Information got sent to multiple agents along with yours
  • Never visited your personal website or social media

The billboard lead knows who you are, what you do, and has asked for you and only your help.

The Zillow lead may be actively ready to get in touch with you, but they've also been put in touch with multiple other lenders and agents, and likely don't even know who you are yet.

So again, why would you talk to these individuals the same way?

Your qualification framework must be tailored to your customer journey and now Structurely can help.

Write Scripts for Specific Sources with Structurely Script Assignment

Up until now, Structurely's mortgage and real estate technology engaged, nurtured, and qualified your leads using high converting scripts - but that didn't change specific to the lead source your leads came from.

That changes today with Script Assignment.

With Script Assignment, you can write specific scripts based on any information from your leads, such as their lead source.

Scripts for Specific Sources.

So using the example above, Structurely previously would engage, nurture, and qualify the billboard, and Zillow leads the same way. Not anymore, here's how:


  • Target leads from source "billboard-main-st" from your CRM using Script Assignment.
  • Use Script Customization to write a specific script for billboard leads.
  • Write an introduction that goes something like:
"Hey there, did you catch that billboard of us around town? Thanks for following up on it. Were you thinking about making a move soon?"
  • Then ask the remainder of your qualifying questions. Such as timeframe, financing status, lender status, agent status, and more.


  • Target leads from source "Zillow" from your CRM using Script Assignment.
  • Use Script Customization to write a specific script for Zillow leads.
  • Write an introduction that goes something like:
"Hey there, I just got your inquiry on Zillow about 123 main st, thanks for reaching out! Would you have some availability to check out the property this week or weekend sometime?"
  • Then ask the remainder of your qualifying questions. Such as timeframe, financing status, lender status, agent status, and more.

You can see, something as simple as referencing where your lead heard about you gives your message a completely different tone of voice towards personalization.

And we've found that personalization leads to more converted leads.

As Mayor, you Must Hone Your Message In

As with every electoral campaign messaging matters. It's why so much money is spent on campaign slogans.

The same applies to you as a digital Mayor of your community. But instead of a brand slogan, you must hone in your lead qualification scripts.

Which can now be consistent and customizable with Structurely's Script Assignment.

If you're already a Structurely user, congrats, you're winning the election so far, and this feature is live and free of charge in your account today. If not, you can get a demo to catch up here.

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