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Dec 12

Outsourcing Lead Follow Up Using AI - A Case Study with Chad Leonberg, eXp Realty Team Leader

Isidora Prohaska

Isidora Prohaska

Director of Customer Operations

Making the decision to expand your real estate business by establishing a team can be career altering. If you're like Chad Leonberg, a Team Leader at eXp Realty in Pittsburg, the decision came with many tough choices, and considerations on how to continue to scale profitability.

When looking to expand his team, Chad knew early on he'd need to add an Inside Sales Agent to handle his volume of inbound leads. With approximately 300 leads generated online every month, the cost to bringing on a dedicated "warm-body" ISA would need to find a way to pay for itself.

Paying, training and supporting a salaried employee for this role however, didn't align with the growth Chad's team was projecting. It's a position that ultimately isn't out in the field closing and for that reason Chad began looking for an outsourced ISA.

What he found was solutions that were more costly than hiring his own internal ISA, but with less reliability, customization and scalability. What Chad needed was the perfect employee. An ISA who could work around the clock, one that never quits (as the typical ISA turnover percentage is 50% every year) and one that comes pre-trained on tens of thousands of lead conversations. Chad needed the perfect employee, and thankfully he found Aisa Holmes.

"Hiring Aisa Holmes was a no brainer for me"

Aisa Holmes (who they renamed to Stephanie Holmes) was immediately hooked up to Chad and his team's Zillow Premier Agent leads and started working for all his agents immediately from day 1, no onboarding or training required.

But Aisa's job was just getting started. When the leads started rolling in, it was her time to shine, and shine she did. Of the first 300 leads Chad's team received, Aisa was able to qualify and setup an appointment for 50 of them. That's a 17% conversation rate and one that Chad's team was astounded by. In his own words, "Aisa has saved me so much time. It's really helping our conversion rate and increased our revenues."

"Aisa has saved me so much time. It's really helping our conversion rate and increased our revenues."

While his team was celebrating more time spent on closing deals, increased revenues and a better work-life balance, Aisa Holmes was engaging leads better than a human ISA. The fact of the matter is, online leads (when worked appropriatley) can and will close. Having systems and procedures in place like Structurely help achieve this. These leads ultimatley desire a higher level of support, contact and sheer sweat equity to convert, but convert do they ever. As Chad puts it, "There is simply no way I could be available 24/7 to be able to respond instantly to leads who expect an answer right then and there".

"There is simply no way I could be available 24/7 to be able to respond instantly to leads who expect an answer right then and there"

But with Aisa Holmes, Chad's entire team gets that peace of mind, knowing that every lead they generate will receive a timely, personable and actionable response 24/7, 365.

The best part? Compared to it's human counterpart, Aisa Holmes never gets tired, is extremely consistent and simply more reliable. Human ISA's are notorious for their high turnover rate, as the job is simply tireless and often times not all too rewarding. It's hard for a human to stay motivated, stay consistent and stay driven to spend their days communicating with leads who are often leery to even reach out in the first place.

An artificial intelligence ISA on the other hand, remains as consistent from the first lead to the 300th. AI is continuously being trained on tens of thousands of the highest converting conversations, all at the same time. It's able to understand and ingest magnitudes of information more than a human in a fraction of the time, all without needing your valuable time spent training it on your own.

And you add the human flair, such as empathy to consumer's new child, family death, or new job, emojis, humor and local market insights, which are traits found in Aisa Holmes, you are left with the perfect employee. Just ask Chad, who gives his team's Stephanie Holmes high praise, ""The leads think this is a real person, it's unbelievable."

"The leads think this is a real person, it's unbelievable."

We're happy to see Chad's team continue to grow alongside their latest employee, Aisa Holmes. Allowing his agents to spend more of their valuable time closing more deals screened by Aisa, Chad and his team is off to a year filled with high growth.

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