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Sep 15

Startup Fundraising: From Both Sides of The Desk

Pete Jones

Pete Jones

Director of Demand Generation

If you’re interested in startup fundraising or startup investing you will want to book your place to hear these FlyOver Tech Fest speakers on October 1st. You’ll hear founder stories about raising and investor tips on how to raise in the current climate.

Let’s get right into the sessions:

Why I Turned Down Term Sheets from the Top Silicon Valley Investors

Wow, how could you not want to listen to this conversation?

You’ll hear the reasons why Matt Kunkel, CEO of LogicGate passed on term sheets from some of the top Silicon Valley firms in favor of midwest-based investors.

In this session, he’ll be chatting about these decisions with Mike Fitzgerald, Partner at High Alpha, who is one of the Midwest investors who Kunkel ultimately decided to work with.

How Midwest Values Shape B2C Companies

Does your business focus on the B2C space?

Do you feel like you’ve been passed over because you live in the Midwest?

Ezra Galston, Founding Partner at Starting Live VC believes that businesses in the Midwest play a big part in shaping B2C companies but never get the credit. Be sure to be amazed by some of the real examples Ezra brings to the session.

How to Fundraise from Out of Town Investors

If you’ve ever worked trying to get funding from out of town investors you know how hard it is. In this session, you’ll hear Jonathan Ellis, the Managing Partner at Sandalphon Capital discuss the ways he handles virtual meetings and how you can still win with the new normal.

Book your place today if you’ve ever wanted to pick an investor’s brain or just figure out tangible ways to make your next pitch more successful.

👉 Book your place today -

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