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Dec 10

Why REALTORS Should be Using Chatbots

Isidora Prohaska

Isidora Prohaska

Director of Customer Operations

80% of businesses say they want a chatbot by 2020.

According to Oracle 80% of businesses say they want a chatbot by 2020. That statistic might surprise you as we still seek human interaction with businesses to answer our questions or solve our problems. As a Realtor you might also be wondering how you can benefit from a chatbot when the industry is so human driven that adding artificial intelligence to your business might seem counter intuitive. The truth is we really should see Artificial Intelligence as an addition to our business instead of a replacement for a human team.

51% of people say a business needs to be available 24/7.

Forbes recently published an article highlighting what to expect in real estate tech in 2018 where they said “When it comes to real estate, chatbots have the potential to revolutionize lead generation and customer service. By automating the initial stages of contact between agents and prospects, a real estate chatbot can be more efficient in engaging visitors, resulting in higher lead conversions”. Another article published by Easy Agent Pro mentioned that 51% of people say a business needs to be available 24/7. As time goes on this percentage will only increase and business running around the clock will become the new normal and an expectation.

The fact of the matter is A.I is the employee you didn’t know you needed and as we progress deeper in to technology and the need for immediate responses grows A.I is going to be the best employee you have. A.I is going to be there when you can’t be and fill in the gaps you didn’t realize you had. Your business is only going to get better and the real estate industry is going to be full of endless opportunities with the use of technology like A.I.

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