Let's chat about chatbots.
Here's the TL;DR version - chatbots suck.
Artificial intelligence promised us lifelike conversations with computers.
Instead, we got "I'm sorry I don't understand".
We asked ourselves why that was. Here's what we came up with:
  • Chatbots are supposed to feel lifelike
  • Chatbots are supposed to save us humans time
  • Chatbots are supposed to help us feel heard, understood and valued - quickly & consistently
So why does every chatbot experience turn out like this 👇
We're tired of it. So we're doing something about it.
We're bringing you the AI you've always been promised.
  • AI that's empathetic
  • AI that saves time
  • AI that's lifelike
Our AI has infinite possibilities, just like you.
Yes, we're a chatbot company, but between you and me, we despise the word chatbot.
We're done with bad bots. Instead, we're building the world's best conversational AI.
We hope you join us,

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