There are a lot of decisions to be made when you’re getting started with Structurely, some of which might be more enjoyable than others. Naming your AI Assistant may be one of the more light-hearted tasks, but it is no less important than properly configuring your lead connections! It is important to keep your assistant’s goal and your target audience in mind, so let’s talk about how to go about naming your AI Assistant.
First and foremost, it is best not to use your own name or the name of someone in your office. A lead may call the office and say "I've been talking to Susan" and if there is a real Susan in your office, she will have no idea what this lead is talking about - and that's not a great first impression.
Your AI Assistant’s goal is qualifying and nurturing leads. Those leads are only going to follow your assistant into the funnel if they can put their trust in the conversations they’re having. This means your best course of action is choosing a simple, memorable, and welcoming name for your AI Assistant. You can choose something straightforward or obscure, as long as it doesn’t leave your leads scratching their heads.
Here at Structurely, we’re all for fun and creative names – as long as you remember your AI Assistant is here to save you time and help you qualify leads. Your AI Assistant sets the stage for trust and confidence with your customers and you want to get it right. If you’re targeting a younger crowd as potential customers, go wild! If your target demographic is older or a more sober crowd, a more formal name may serve you best.
Last, but certainly not least, you should think about giving your AI Assistant their own identity. You’ll find yourself frequently saying their name and potential customers will call your office looking for them, so you might as well think of your AI Assistant as a remote employee who is joining your team!
Most of our customers choose a gender neutral name. A name like Jamie, Alex, Regan or Dallas allows the lead to decide the gender of the assistant themselves, and sometimes that makes people feel more comfortable. It also results in your assistant getting hit on less. Everybody wins!
Naming your Structurely AI Assistant is supposed to be one of the fun parts of the onboarding process! We highly encourage you not to overthink it and to KISS (keep it super simple).
The cheat sheet for how to name your AI Assistant:
  • Choose a name besides your own (or a coworker’s)
  • Keep it short, easy to spell, and memorable
  • Inspire confidence and trust with your leads
  • Most Structurely customers choose a gender neutral name
PS - You may also want to stay away from “Hal.” Not to date ourselves, but that name has been claimed and has some seriously negative connotations.
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