Make Phone Calls Through Structurely

Increase your call connection rates by making calls through Structurely after our AI has texted your leads
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Make phone calls
from the same phone number
you're already texting from

Before Structurely Calling, you had to call leads from a different phone number leading to lower connect rates, and lost deals. Now, you can text and call all in Structurely.

Live Transfers are now live

Get live transferred to a lead who's been qualified or requested a phone call through Structurely's AI

AI Texts your leads

AI engages your leads over text message until they respond. Then has a 2-way qualifying conversation

Lead is qualified or requests a phone call

AI asks lead qualifying questions, including if they want to schedule a call

AI calls agent, calls lead & merges calls

If the lead is qualified or wants a call, the AI will call the assigned agent and the lead, if both parties answer, the call is merged. The call is then recorded and transcribed by the AI
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Leads aren't answering phone calls

you make from a different number

than the one you texted them from

“We are making hundreds of thousands of calls a month to leads we're texting too. We definitely see a drop off in answer rate when we're calling from another phone number”
Joseph Girmonde, Owner @ Valley Dream Team
Start with
Text Message AI
📲 Text Message AI
Start by letting Structurely's AI text message your leads from a local area code phone number
Let the AI Queue up a Call from the Same Phone Number
📲 Call is teed up by ai
The goal of every Structurely AI conversation is to queue up a warm call for you, the agent or rep

Structurely texts from a local area code number


Thanks for all this info, its always best to jump on a quick call for our next steps. Would you have some time now for us to give you a quick call?

Call Lead from Structurely Using the Same Phone Number
📲 Call from Structurely
Make an outbound call through Structurely from the same number your AI was texting from

The lead is already expecting your call, from the same number you were just texting them.

"Before Structurely calling, we were calling from another tool, which meant another phone number to our leads. They weren't answering because they thought it was a totally different person/company"

Joseph Girmonde, Valley Dream Team

All Aspects of Calls, Covered.
With Call AI Coming Soon...

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Outbound Calls

Click to call leads from your Structurely dashboard at any time

Inbound Calls

Leads can call your Structurely phone number(s) and get routed through the Structurely Calling dashboard

Call AI

(Coming soon...)

Get insights and next steps from your calls, powered by AI

Call Recordings and Transcripts

Every call is recorded and transcribed for you. Notice of recording is done for you automatically upon every call

Predictive Dialer

(Coming soon...)

Leads can call your Structurely phone number(s) and get routed through the Structurely Calling dashboard

Increase your Call Answer Rate by Making Calls Through Structurely

Stop losing qualified leads because they won't answer your calls from another tool. Call your qualified leads through Structurely.
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