TCPA and A2P10LC Complaint

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Structurely handles all the complexity of compliance for you

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TCPA Complaint

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requires consent for opting-in, opting-out and more.
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A2P 10DLC Complaint

Application-to-Peer 10 Digit Long Code (A2P 10DLC) requires certain protocols, standards and approvals to be met for programatic applications to interact with peers (people) over text messaging.
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Security Standards Complaint

Structurely complies with rigorous security standards that are audited by third party companies.

Structurely handles every aspect of compliance for you with proven expertise.

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TCPA Compliance done for you

Structurely's handles opt-ins using your compliance rules. We ensure you have verified opt-in from leads before sending them into Structurely for texting. Structurely's AI handles opt-outs that other texting services wouldn't otherwise handle, such as messages like "leave me alone", "don't contact me" etc. and automatically opts those leads out of future text messaging

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A2P 10DLC Compliance done for you

Every digital product that offers texting must register your business through A2P 10DLC. These are the products that let you text contacts from a web or mobile app and use a phone number with a local area code (thus, the 10 digit long code or 10DLC). Structurely gathers the relevant information on your business (everything on your W9) and submits your business and use case for approval, managing the entire approval process and ensuring the highest text message deliverability possible.

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More Compliance done for you

Structurely's compliance doesn't just stop at what's required by law or governance. We comply with our own rigorous security standards that have been audited and approved by third-parties. This includes security features such as data encryption at rest, and in transit, encrypted and hashed personal identifiable information (Pii) and internal security response protocols, and penetration testing. These standards have been reviewed and approved by various third-party companies ensuring we can work with even the most security-sensitive organizations.

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