FlyOver Tech Fest: The Marketing Masterclass
September 1, 2020
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There will be so much great content at the FlyOver Tech Fest we are sure you’ll walk away with many tangible results. As a marketer, I am pretty flipping excited to hear from the speakers we have in the marketing category.

If you follow marketing chatter, you have likely seen the term “masterclass” thrown around for just about every event. It is an overused term, but it completely applies to these sessions so I am going to run with it.

You’ll receive a complete masterclass full of content by listening to these amazing speakers!

There, I said it.

These speakers are rock stars in the space that get invited to speak at many high profile events, like ours. 😀 But, better yet, they are actual real-life marketers in their day jobs, not just speakers on the circuit. You can be certain they’ll have real-life examples and lessons they’ve learned during their careers.

Let’s look a little deeper at the speakers and their topics.

Ross Simmonds@TheCoolestCool

Ross is CEO of Foundation, Inc.; a marketing company focused on content marketing and distribution. I recently signed up for his Distribution Challenge and walked away with more tangible results than I can count.

He is going to bring his content wizardry to FlyOver with his session, “Unlocking Growth Through Content Marketing.

I get the honor of interviewing Ross during his session. I can’t wait to quiz him on his content distribution mastermind and try to uncover a few nuggets of what’s to come in marketing.

Eddie Shleyner@VeryGoodCopy

Eddie is the Lead Copywriter at G2 and, as if that weren’t enough, he is the Founder of VeryGoodCopy. I’ve been studying copywriting more this year and first heard about Eddie through his VeryGoodCopy blog. I am now an avid reader of his newsletter, where I get to enjoy his simple approach to teaching copywriting.

For FlyOver, his topic is “Writing Fascinations: Learn the Single Most Important Copywriting Skills in 20 Minutes.”  

I got a chance to hear Eddie do a presentation similar to this previously, where I first learned about fascinations. If copywriting is at all an interest, you have to check out how Eddie molds the fascination concepts into a 20-minute session. But, be sure to bring a note pad because I am sure you’ll walk away with a ton of notes.

Amanda Goetz@AmandaMGoetz

Amanda is the VP of Marketing for The Knot Worldwide, where she works with her team to create exceptional visual marketing for a host of brands. I first heard of her on the Justin Brady Show and have been a fan ever since.

Her session at FlyOver is called “Personal Branding 101: Building the Foundation,” where you’ll hear how she built her personal brand after an event scorned her, there is more to that story but I am not the person to tell it. She is very open and honest on social media and she’s grown her following to more than  21,000 Twitter followers who enjoy her personality and hearing about her kids. I also get the honor of interviewing Amanda and I promise I’ll try to uncover a little about her new project.

Jamie Womack Gilpin@jamiewo

Jamie is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sprout Social, where she leads the magic that comes from their marketing team. She has spent her career in the SaaS space in numerous marketing leadership roles.

You’re getting a sneak peek by reading this post because we have not yet announced the session Jamie will be a part of. Let me just say you’re going to get so many great ideas from listening to Jamie.  (since this post launched we have announced the session Jamie is a part of. )

Collectively, these four will entertain, educate, and provide many tangible takeaways you can use immediately. I know I am going to be glued to my computer screen watching these amazing sessions.

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