Test the Structurely AI Live Chat

Click the floating chat icon in the bottom right corner to initiate a conversation with the AI as if you were a real lead.
(if you want to start a new conversation over, just open this page's link in a new incognito window in your browser)
NOTE: AI responses may have a small delay to feel more humanlike, as most of Structurely's conversations take place over text message not live chat
What do I say to start it?

Start by just saying "hello" - this AI is configured to talk about home services, so it will direct you down an example script in that regard

Can I start the conversation over?

To "restart" the conversation, you need to open this page in a new incognito window, which will give you a fresh start.

What if i'm not in home services, are there other scripts I can try?

This live chat demo is currently for home service scripts. We are working on adding other industry demos which will be linked to here shortly (such as real estate, mortgage, insurance, etc)

Why is there a delay?

Most of Structurely's customers use our AI to text and email their leads. So we put in artificial delays to make the conversations feel more humanlike. Live chat is faster paced, but we still have the delays. We emphasize human like conversations over quick messaging, which you will experience with this demo.

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