Conversations that close

Better than human
Aisa Holmes delivers the same empathetic and respectful conversations as a human with more consistency and fewer headaches
Long-term follow-up
Most deals take 6 - 8 contacts to close. Aisa Holmes nurtures unresponsive leads 25 times over 12 months
Works with any lead provider
Automatically import your leads from any onine lead provider and Aisa Holmes will engage them with a local area code phone

Within 2 weeks of using Structurely we ended up with a two-sided transaction on a $450,000 property.

- Steve Aust, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Journey
Long-Term Follow-Up

Nurture unresponsive leads for the long term

Aisa does the dirty work so you don't have to manually nurture all of your leads. Who has time for that anyway?

Empathy and Objection Handling

Aisa empathizes with your leads and respectfully drives conversations forward

Aisa understands not every lead is ready to make a decision today. She handles leads that are "just looking" and empathizes with leads that mention a new child, new job, divorce, or other life-changing events

Mobile App

Manage Aisa from your phone

iOS and Android apps let you take lead conversations on the go. Take over the conversation or mute the conversation from your phone

Tasks and notifications

Never forget a follow-up task

Aisa will let you know when you're needed so you can stay on top of your leads


Send lead conversations back to your CRM and copy your lead assignment rules

Lead conversations are sent back to your CRM, your lead assignment rules are copied so the right team members always get the right leads and mute/unmute conversations directly from your CRM

Getting started is easy! It only takes a few minutes to hire Holmes!