Conversations that close

Better than human
Aisa Holmes delivers the same empathetic and respectful conversations as a human with more consistency
Long term follow-up
Most deals take 6 - 8 contacts to close. Aisa Holmes nurtures unresponsive leads 25 times over 12 months
Works with any lead provider
Automatically import your leads from any onine lead provider and Aisa Holmes will engage them with a local area code phone

Within 2 weeks of using Structurely we ended up with a two-sided transaction on a $450,000 property.

- Steve Aust, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Journey
Long Term Follow-Up

Nurture unresponsive leads for the long term

Most deals close after 6 - 8 contacts. We realize you don't have the time to follow-up with leads that much. So we nurture your leads for you 25 times over 12 months.

Empathy and Objection Handling

AI that empathizes and respectfully drives conversations forward

Our AI understands not every lead is ready to make a decision today. Which is why it's flexible and respectful to those leads that are "just looking" and empathizes with leads that mention a new child, new job, divorce, and other life changing events.

Web and Mobile Apps

Jump into the conversation at any time, from anywhere

Web, iOS and Android apps let agents take their conversations on the go. And "Mute Holmes" allows you to take over the conversation at anytime.


Notifications for agents and admins via push, email and SMS

Agents, team leaders and brokers are automatically notified via email and push notifications to stay on top of the status of your leads.

CRM Integrations

Sync your lead records and assigned agents with your CRM

If you assign an agent a lead in your CRM, Aisa Holmes automatically picks that up and reflects that in its message and in your Holmes Dashboard. Aisa Holmes also sends back lead profile and chat history data right to your CRM.

Getting started is easy! It only takes a few minutes to hire Holmes!