Email is not dead

73% of millennials prefer email communication
80% of businesses say emailing customers increases retention
3.9 billion daily email users
AI Email Assistant

Engages, qualifies and nurtures leads over email

Think of your AI Email Assistant as just another of your team. Uses your domain, stay in the loop, and get notified.

Seamless workflow integrations

An AI Email Assistant that already knows the way you work

Bring your own automation system. Your AI Email Assistant can connect to them so you don't have to change the way you work

Customizable cadences

Customize questions, answers and responses to match your personality

Most deals close after 6 - 8 contacts. We realize you don’t have the time to follow up with leads that much so we nurture your leads for you for 12 months

Text + Email

How AI Text and AI Email Assistants work together

AI Text and AI Email Assistants work together to help you get the maximum number of lead responses

Your AI Assistant communicates where your lead wants to communicate

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AI Text Assistant

Talk to more customers than ever

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CRM integrations

We sync full conversation transcripts and details back to your CRM automatically

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AI Assistant

See how you can use AI Assistants to talk with more leads

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See how conversational AI can work for you

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