Why should you care about texting?

98% text message open rate
57% text message response rate
17% qualification rate over text message
Simple + Customized Setup

How it works

How does hiring an AI Text Assistant work?

Your AI Text Assistant gets their own local area code phone number to text from
Text + Email

How AI Text and AI Email Assistants work together

AI Text and AI Email Assistants work together to help you get the maximum amount of lead responses

Your AI Assistant communicates where your lead wants to communicate
Integrates and Notifies

Your AI Text Assistant keeps you in the loop

See AI text conversations in your CRM, in our mobile apps and via notifications

Stay up to date with text conversations, right from within your CRM. Notes and fields are updated in real-time

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AI Email Assistant

Your AI Email Assistant you can't live without

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CRM integrations

We sync full conversation transcripts and details back to your CRM automatically

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AI Assistant

See how you can use AI Assistants to talk with more leads

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See how conversational AI can work for you

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