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See How Structurely Works for Your Industry

Structurely is tailored to your specific industry for authentic, relevant two-way conversations

Real Estate

Follow up with buyers, sellers, and investors within two minutes - 24/7/365

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Engage new insurance leads, re-engage customers with lapsed policies, revive old leads, and more

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Instant response, follow-up long-term, and qualification for new home loan and refinance leads

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Instantly respond to and follow up with new and old leasing leads and watch AI qualify them into appointments

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Home Services

Structurely will turn your raw roofing, window, gutter, siding, solar, remodel and other home service leads into qualified appointments

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Structurely Augments the Work of Your Inside Sales Team

Engage New Leads

Turn new lead inquires into qualified appointments with 24/7/365 coverage

Nurture Dormant Leads

You have dead leads in your CRM. Structurely revives them with follow-ups and qualifying conversations

Automated Long-Term Lead Follow-up

Most salespeople stop following up after 3 attempts. Structurely follows up 60+ times via text and email over a year

Get Qualified

Leads are turned into qualified appointments on your calendar

Qualified Leads

Don’t waste another second on dead-end leads. We pass along only the most qualified and promising prospects

Gain Insights and Analytics

Slice and dice your lead conversion data like never before with conversational analytics

How Structurely Works

Structurely works 24/7/365 to engage, qualify and nurture your leads until ready to take the next step

We Integrate With Your CRM

Manage every part of your Structurely qualified leads right within your CRM.
One-click integrations with these CRMs.

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Close More With Structurely

Convert 17% of leads to qualified appointments with Structurely

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Hundreds of Resources to Help Your Business

Tools, techniques, and more resources related to Structurely to help you grow your business by 10x

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