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Hey {name}! This is {bot_name}, I'm an assistant with {agency_name}. Thanks for contacting us about your property search on {lead_source}. I'd be happy to send you over a few listings that match what you're looking for 🙂 I wanted to shoot you an email here but you might also receive another message from us elsewhere.What does the ideal rental look like to you? (Any certain amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, in a specific location, price range, etc?)
Sent by AI assistant

I like 3 bed, 3 bath properties under 200k.

Sent by Lead
Great so you're looking around that area! What's the general location you are interested in?
Sent by AI assistant

I'm looking in Iowa.

Sent by Lead
Got it! What is the price range you're looking at?
Sent by AI assistant

I would like my monthly payment to be around $100 a month

Sent by Lead
Got it! How many bedrooms are you looking for?
Sent by AI assistant

2 to 4 beds.

Sent by Lead
Got it! How about the number of baths?
Sent by AI assistant

2 to 4 baths.

Sent by Lead
Got it! I've got your preferences down here and I'll set up a search for places you might like.
Sent by AI assistant
I'd love to get a little more information from you if possible. Is there a good phone number or email where I could send more listings to?
Sent by AI assistant

(555) 333-2424

Sent by Lead
Got it! Are you already committed to an agent?
Sent by AI assistant

I'm not working with an agent.

Sent by Lead
Perfect, we would love to work with you! What's your timeframe to move?
Sent by AI assistant

Before August sometime.

Sent by Lead
Got it! It sounds like there are several areas we’ll be able to help with regarding your real estate needs. Here are a few days/times that my associate, {agent_name}, has available for a phone appointment - {scheduling_link} - I want to make sure we are on the same page and can discuss next steps.
Sent by AI assistant

I'd be available for a call tomorrow at 11am.

Sent by Lead
Got it! I'll confirm with my associate the time to give you a call! Otherwise we're happy to help answer any additional questions in the meantime :)
Sent by AI assistant
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Use Cases

Instantly respond to and follow up with new and old leasing leads and watch AI qualify them into appointments

New Rental Forced Registration

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New Rental Property Inquiry

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Old Rental Inquiry Revival

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How Structurely Works

Structurely works 24/7/365 to engage, qualify and nurture your leads until ready to take the next step

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Access our library of hundreds of pre-built real estate scripts and drip campaigns for buyers, sellers, investors and everything in between

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Trained on millions of conversations, we know exactly what converts and have built the highest converting messaging into our scripts and drip campaigns

Drip Campaigns with 57% Response Rate

We know what messages get responses. GIFs, nudge messages, emojis and the right cadences are all done for you with Structurely drip campaigns.

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Key Features of Our Conversational AI Platform

Multi-Channel Communication

Text message and email messaging combined for the highest conversion rates

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Script Customization

Create custom scripts that match your brand and sales process

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Appointment Setting

Get high-quality leads scheduled with your sales team

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Analytics & Reporting

Drill deep into conversion metrics, get custom reports, and perform bulk actions

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Structurely Users Average a 21x Return on Investment

Larry DeBerry
One of the first conversations I watched was one of the leads that the Assistant responded to. I think the conversation went on for at least 15 minutes. I was amazed. It was like 11 p.m. or 12 a.m., I was in bed watching this conversation. It was really cool. I really enjoyed it because they thought they were talking to a regular person.


leads handled

The DeBerry Team leveraged Structurely to connect with more than 1,200 leads. More than 55% came in after hours.


engagement rate

In the last 16 months, Structurely's AI Assistant has sent 15,000 messages, with an overall engagement rate of just under 40%.


leads qualified

Structurely's AI Assistant handed off 101 qualified leads.

I lowered our customer acquisition cost by 300% and increased our agent happiness at the same time with Structurely.


messages sent

In a year and a half, Structurely's AI Assistant sent just under 240,000 messages to over 17,900 leads.


closings a month

Structurely's AI Assistant helped sales reps close 20 deals a month across the team.


pipeline generated

Structurely qualified 195 leads which influenced a pipeline of just over $80,000,000.

Roman Balandin
It worked better than the concierge service that I was using previously. We are converting past leads and clients that have been in our CRM 2-3 years.


messages SENT

Before starting with Structurely, agents weren’t reaching out within the first 2-5 minutes.


days in a year saved

Structurely saved The Premier Group over 70 days in a little under a year.


conversion rate

Since using Structurely The Premier Group New Jersey’s engagement rate went from 10% to 47%.

The Chord Real Estate Team
The Chord Real Estate team leveraged Structurely to connect with over 54% of their leads and send over 3,700 messages.



Chord Real Estate team immediately saw the value in Structurely when 54% of leads began responding.


messages sent

Structurely saved The Chord Team valuable hours automating follow-up and qualification sending 3,700 messages in just a month.

Close More With Structurely

Convert 17% of leads to qualified appointments with Structurely

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