Automate Your Long Term Lead Follow-up with Artificial Intelligence
October 15, 2018
Real Estate

Artificial intelligence

The promise of technology like artificial intelligence is to simplify your life. To take the mental burdens that keep you up at night off your plate entirely, so you can focus on the here and now that grows your business.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Long Term Smart Drips. Aisa Holmes now engages your unresponsive leads 14 times over 84 days.

And what’s better yet? When that lead finally replies after 2 months Aisa Holmes continues the conversation immediately by engaging and qualifying that lead further for you.

What makes them Smart?

Prior to the lead responding, it’s likely that you have almost no information on this lead, other than maybe the property they inquired about, and if they’re a buyer or seller. You don’t know their motivation to move, timeframe, if they’re working with an agent or not, or if they’ll be looking to finance their home purchase.

You need to engage the lead to understand where they’re at in their moving process, and they need to engage you back.

Well as we wrote about earlier in our Mid Term Smart Drip product announcement, it takes on average 6-8 attempts to close any deal, let alone get any sort of response from a prospect.

Now, by contacting your unresponsive leads over a course of 3 months, you stand far more likely to engage that lead. And once they’re engaged, Aisa Holmes continues the conversation to determine if this lead is in fact worth your time now, or might be better spent working them later on.

So long are the days of simple cookie-cutter drip messages that simply prolong your work. Say hello to the future of Smart Drips that not only continue to engage your leads but qualify them for you as well.

Take a look at the cadence for our Buyer and Seller 84 day drip sequences for yourself!

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