Conquer Your Fear of Follow-up
June 13, 2018
Real Estate

Studies are done time and time again show 95% of online leads convert between the 2nd and 12th contact attempts.

To some of you, that stat might be shocking! Take a second to think about how many touches your follow-up cadence has. Are you on the right or wrong side of this study?

More than likely, your follow-up game isn’t as strong as you think. In fact, another study done by Lead Simple found:

–  43% of agents gave up on a lead after the first touch

–  68% gave up after the second touch

–  80% gave up on the third!


Let those numbers sink in a second. This study is saying that if you simply follow up with a lead more than 2 times, you’re more than likely the only agent that lead is still receiving communication from.

It takes willingness and persistence to implement follow-up systems to handle this follow-up for you. But done correctly, you won’t have to spend all of your time following up with your leads over the course of months. By leveraging intelligent technology like Artificial Intelligence and CRM, you can change your lead follow-up game.

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Adopting artificial intelligence into your lead follow-up

Following up with leads 2 – 12 times across 100s of contacts can be a monumental task. But you can’t afford to implement a multi-touch mindset.

Changing your framework and introducing automation is the best use of your time when implemented correctly.

Thankfully, technology is advancing to bring personalization to aspects of your automation. Technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) can not only follow up with your leads more than 12 times but, when a lead finally responds after 2 long months of nurturing, the AI can engage and qualify them for you instantly.

AI can follow-up with your unresponsive leads and engage your responsive leads. The best part? Those leads that respond with, “no thanks not interested at this time” can also automatically be disqualified for you.

That means you’re able to quickly sort through the leads your AI has been following up with and see which ones need immediate action, and which ones require no action saving you time, resources and headache. After all, who wants to spend time with a lead who isn’t looking to move?

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Automatically move leads through your funnel

Your funnel is the most useful way to report on your business. How many leads are top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, the bottom of the funnel?

Most online real estate leads start top-of-funnel, which means it’s your job to move them through the funnel.

Unfortunately, many agents fear or feel burdened by following up with a lead and asking qualifying questions, or setting an appointment.

By leveraging an Inside Sales Agent (ISA), qualifying leads, setting appointments and moving leads through your funnel can be automated.

That’s exactly why we call Aisa Holmes your very own Artificial Intelligence Inside Sales Agent.

When Aisa finally gets your unresponsive leads to engage after 10 touches over 2 months, she asks qualifying questions like:

When is your ideal timeframe to move?

Have you already been working with any other agents in the area?

Are you considering financing or cash payment?

And for leads looking at a specific property, or interested in selling their own property, Aisa even goes so far as asking to set an appointment. This means you can have a fully qualified lead with a requested appointment time show up in your inbox without ever lifting a finger.

Technology is pretty cool, huh?

Won’t automating follow-up lose the human touch?

It’s true, to get the best engagement and results in your follow-up you need to add a personal touch to each of your touches.

You might be thinking, “so how can AI sound human?”.

Great question!

Poorly executed autoresponders and bad bots can be sniffed out by your leads in a second! That’s why Aisa Holmes has been build with 4 key values to drive a human-like experience she delivers to your leads:

–  Engaging

–  Empathetic

–  Intuitive

–  Respectful

Engaging – Aisa uses emojis, the time of day, humor and an occasional typo to drive engaging conversations.

Empathetic – Moving can be a stressful time, especially if it is due to a big life event. Aisa empathizes with positive and negative life events such as a new baby, divorce, sickness and more so your lead always feels cared for and understood.

Intuitive – When leads reach out, they are expecting a quick, informative response. Aisa can reference addresses, locations, and even public record data in her responses so your leads’ questions never go unanswered.

Respectful – Aisa understands not every lead is ready to make a decision today. She’s learned how to be flexible with those leads that are “just-looking” while still driving the conversation forward in a meaningful way.

Go above and beyond your lead’s expectations

When it comes to lead follow-up, your leads have low expectations. They think, “I’ll fill out this form and might not hear back until 3 days from now…”

That’s not a good experience. But it’s an opportunity for you to go above and beyond your leads’ expectations, and deliver an experience they’ll thank you for.

In fact, Aisa Holmes has received so many “thank-you’s” from leads in her follow-up that we collected them into what we call Love Notes.

You have an opportunity to dominate your market consistently, respectfully and automatically following up with your leads. The other agents in your market simply aren’t doing it. And that means you’ve got ample reason to do it yourself.

By leveraging technology like AI you can put your lead follow-up on autopilot.

Trust us, your leads will thank you for it.

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