Messaging Should Be Your Go-to Sales and Marketing Tool
December 28, 2018
Real Estate

Clients are the lifeblood of your real estate company.

We all need buyers and sellers to keep our real estate business afloat right?

Throughout the years, you’ve done everything to keep your pipeline of new clients filled –Cold calling, door knocking, email campaigns, social media advertising, open houses — your business does whatever it takes to make sure you’ll always be closing.

If you take a look at what it takes to keep your pipeline full, you’ll notice the strategy you’ve implemented is almost always the same:

Getting new clients is always about being where your potential clients already are.

And if you look around today at where all your customers are, you’ll quickly notice that no matter their age, profession, generation or income, all your potential prospects are in one place: messaging.

Your new leads are already in the messaging apps you use

Take a quick look at the apps that you use the most, more than likely at least one of them is a messaging app like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, SnapChat or WhatsApp.

Well that same trend stays true with your future clients as well, they are all using the same messaging apps you’re using too. Messaging is exploding.

While its easy to see that your future leads are in the messaging apps you already use, messaging can impact your sales strategy beyond just the numbers.

Your clients don’t want to wait for a response

The thing about the lead capture forms you’re driving potential clients to is that most people hate lead capture forms. They don’t want to have to wait around for a response then worry about getting hounded by phone calls the rest of the month.

You and your future clients are just like the rest of us – you use text to get in touch with family and close friends, Facebook Messenger to connect to new and old friends and maybe even some of you tech forward agents use Slack to connect to your colleagues.

This means that we are all using messaging to talk to people on a daily basis and your clients have come to expect this of your business as well. So what’s this mean to your business? Use messaging as a part of your every day lead nurturing strategy. SMS alone has been proven to drive higher conversion rates than the industry average with the use of Aisa Holmes. Just ask Chad Leonberg, who racked up a 17% conversion rate on his teams’ online Zillow leads using Aisa Holmes’ SMS.

Take advantage of leads when they are ready to act

Start generating more leads by taking advantage of the shift in marketing to messaging. Put systems in place, such as us here at Structurely, to make sure every lead you spend valuable resources to generate, receives a personalized 1:1 conversation they are expecting. The reason the rule of thumb is to call your online leads within 5 minutes of registration exists is to talk to leads while they are still on your site. Well what better way to do that than by having artificial intelligence handle it for you?


Live chat is also becoming a highly valuable lead capture and marketing tool. By sending your on-site leads a relevant and timely message you’ll be able to pre-qualify them while you’re still on their mind, and even capture their information so you can stay in touch after they’ve left.

Messaging your leads doesn’t have to take up all your time

Now to execute a messaging strategy where you send every one of your online leads a timely message and follow up conversation would be a massive investment in your time. Although it would payoff you just can’t make that significant of commitment. This is where artificial intelligence and messaging collide, so that your online leads can receive the personalized touch of a timely message, even while you’re out at a listing presentation.

The thing about AI is that it’s not out to replace you, but rather to listen to your business and help you act in the most efficient and actionable way.

AI allows you to setup a personalized messaging service, to let your customers reach you where they want at internet scale. Meaning AI like Aisa Holmes already work in the messaging apps where your clients want to reach you – like Facebook Messenger, text and on your website via live chat. Which means you don’t have to message that lead you get at 3am ?

There is a massive shift in the way businesses are approaching their sales and marketing and its to put personalized messaging at the forefront of their storefront. Start closing more conversations by sending the messages that move your leads into action right within the apps they are already using.

Happy messaging!

❤ The Structurely Team