3 Reasons to Pick Real Estate Chatbots for Lead Qualification
December 16, 2020
Real Estate

Remember last Sunday, when you were at that open house.

You remember – it was the four-bed 3.5 baths mid-century modern gem that had people coming in and out all afternoon.  

You had to have your game-face on the entire time. You were on fire!

There wasn’t even a second to sneak a peek at your phone to see if you’re missing any new leads.  

But, the fact that you couldn’t look was just killing you. Your FOMO was through the roof.  

Sound all too familiar?

Which option would you want when you could get to your phone:

    A. Ten unreturned texts from three new leads

    B. Two new appointments from qualified leads

    C. No notifications at all

I’m pretty sure I can answer that one for you…

Use Case

Realtors have always told us the weakest chink in their armor is lead follow-up. Getting leads is challenging in its own right, but following up with them has always been an issue.

Thankfully, technology has caught up to provide Realtors options to respond to their leads to engage, nurture, and qualify them while they’re in really busy open houses or otherwise not available.

There are real estate CRM’s that allow automated messages to greet a new lead immediately.

But that is not enough. Your leads can sniff out canned messages.

You’ve got to set yourself apart.

So, I’ve list three reasons you should pick a real estate chatbot as a new addition to your team.

Speed to Response

As I mentioned above, there are solutions to send out a canned message to your new lead. That used to work. But it is not enough.

You’ve heard all about speed to lead, you get that. You have to reach out to the lead immediately or you chance missing out on the opportunity altogether.

But that is not enough either, there is more.  

You don’t control when the lead responds, or if they do at all. They could respond when you’re in that open house. They’re asking for information and they want it now.

What do you do?

Your speed to response plan needs to ensure you’re ready to respond to your leads whenever they send you a text back, regardless of the time of day or where you are.


Multiple Channels

Just like you can’t control when your lead chooses to respond to your text, you also cannot control which channel they want to respond to you on.

True, most of your lead conversations happen via text message.

That is the predominant channel for most of your communications.

Yet, from time to time, you have a lead that hates to text. Drat!

What do you do?

You can’t take the chance to lose this opportunity.

What if it was the mid-century modern gem we talked about earlier?

Well, you’d just have to adapt. Then, you’re trying to keep up on your email while your texts are flowing it.

What chaos!

Slow market

For most, a slow market is inevitable. Circumstances are outside your control once again. The market is down, and there are just not enough homes on the market to keep you busy.

Your thumbs are tired from all of the twiddling. You need something to do so you can continue to make your payroll and meet your obligations.

What do you do?

Well, I am happy to say your new AI Assistant can handle all three of these without even skipping a beat.

Human-like Responses

Your AI Assistant was built to respond to your lead, whether it is the first message she sent or the 15th.

She’ll pivot to handle the interaction with the human-like tendencies that have been so well received by the market she’s been asked out on a date.

For real. 🤯

It may be the intentional typo thrown in the conversation to make her feel like a human or the emojis.

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But, I am pretty sure it is the fact that she mirrors and matches the conversation with the lead to make them feel heard, understood, and valued. She converses with an empathetic response because she knows many of your buyers’ or sellers’ motivation to move comes from a life-changing event.

She also reached out immediately because you only have a few moments to get back to that lead before they move on. She understands you must put your best foot forward, even if that foot is not a human one.

AI Email Assistant

You want to allow your lead the option to pick the channel that works best for them, even if it means it causes more stress in your world.

That is just the right thing to do to ensure you don’t lose the business.

Your AI Assistant not only sends your new lead a quick message; she can do it via both text and email.

Then, when your lead chooses the best channel for them with their response, she’ll only communicate with them via that channel.

Two is always better than one. Right?

She can even use the same custom scripts you had set up for your text messages.

Old Leads

Hopefully, you’ll never get into the scenario I mentioned before with a slow market.

One way to keep the volume of leads coming in regardless of the market circumstances is to mine your old leads.

Your AI Assistant loves to mine for gold. In this case, the gold in the scenario is your old leads. You know the ones, you sent them a few messages, but they never responded.

Or, they did, but it has been over 90 days since they’ve opened an email or visited your website.

Considering the National Association of Realtors says the average conversion rate is between 0.4 and 1.2 %, you likely have a ton of old leads in your database.

Setting that list up on a 12-month nurturing plan to keep their opportunities in the rotation is a great way to ensure you have a few leads on a rainy day, if you catch my drift.

But, it is not just about the nurturing messages. When the lead chooses to respond, your AI Assistant jumps right in to qualify the opportunity.

Like I said before, your AI Assistant knows life-changing events happen all the time for your leads, which means it is crucial to keep your name and brand present, so they think of you when the time comes up.

Your AI Assistant is ready for her interview. Here is her resume.

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