Never Give Up on a Real Estate Deal Again
November 12, 2020
Real Estate

How many leads have you given up on?

You know the leads where you’ve “touched” them once but never circled back.

It is not your fault, you’re busy, and there wasn’t a warm indicator by the lead you hooked into.

It happens to all of us. You’re laser-focused on your goals and trained to understand buyer intent.

If you don’t get the signals, you will move on to a more interested lead.

Have you ever thought about those leads? Do you wonder how many may have matured had you been able to keep up on them?

Growing Touches

Think about all of the leads that fell into the above list.

How many have there been, likely hundreds over your career, maybe thousands?

Now, consider that each of those leads may have needed 25 more touches before they matured into a warm lead.

Just doing the simple math on those numbers uncovers the amazing amount of work you would have had to have done to keep those leads in play.

It would have been impossible without a system in place to automate the process.

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Reduce Human Time

If the picture I just painted resembles your business, you need an automated system to reduce your human time and still allow you to stay in front of the colder leads.

A system that is heavily automated but allows you to put your personal touch into each message. Generally speaking, automated systems should handle about 80% of the conversation, enabling you to focus your time where it is needed.  

Ryan White, Sales and Business Development Director with Sierra Interactive, believes that the best systems ensure you do not forget about your leads with action plans.

I’ve embedded more from the discussion between Ryan and our CEO, Nate Joens, from the webinar Authentic Automation for Text Message Follow-Up and Conversion:

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