The Best Way to Improve Your Real Estate Lead Conversion
October 28, 2020
Real Estate

Every Realtor struggles with converting leads.

In reality, it is not just a real estate thing. I would argue salespeople in general struggle with lead conversion.

True, salespeople are great at closing. But, converting a lead from the top of the funnel to the bottom is not where they excel.

Did you know the National Association of Realtors disclosed an average conversion rate between 0.4-1.2%?

That means you will close one or two leads out of 200.

Does that keep you up at night?

It would keep me up at night if I were in a smaller market where the competition between Relators was high, and a limited number of homes to sell.

Improving your Real Estate Lead Conversion “Game”

The best way to improve your close ratio is to touch more leads.

Yet, going back to the market example –  more homes are not going to appear magically, and the competition is not going to choose other careers – those are things outside of your control.

The one thing you control, though, is the efficiency of your real estate pipeline. If it is a well-oiled machine, you can authentically touch more leads and improve your conversion stats simultaneously.

Getting your pipeline well oiled does not have to be complicated. Yes, it will generally involve several software applications, a CRM, maybe a marketing automation solution.

I’m not going to dig into those considerations with this post because there are too many implications to your business and, frankly, the companies that market those solutions know them much better than I do.

I am going to focus on what I know best. Lead Follow-up.

The Best Way

As I mentioned before, the best way to increase your conversion numbers is to touch more leads. But, you’re busy, and just the thought of contacting more leads is stressing you out.

You could turn to the marketing automation solution I touched on above to crank out more inauthentic canned messages.

If you can’t tell, I don’t like canned messages.

I don’t like them because they hurt your opportunity to close business.

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Think about it. Your competition is leaning on technology to do more, just like we all are. They’re sending out similar messages to try to win over your customers.

So, how do you do it?

Find a solution that provides you the automation but also allows you the opportunity to send authentic content.

Authentic Automation

I will let the cat out of the bag; we have just the solution you need.

You see, we built our AI Assistant to solve the very problem I just detailed. It allows you, a Realtor, to touch more leads at scale and do it authentically with two-way conversations.

Only, the best thing, in my opinion, is you don’t have to be involved with the touches.

Let me explain. Hiring the AI Assistant means you can engage, qualify, and even nurture your leads with two-way messaging, but you don’t have to be involved.

Your assistant handles it all. Then, when the time is right, she hands off the agent ready lead to you so you can focus on the warm call.

I took this image from our website because it tells the story better than I can.

AI Assistant.

Your assistant can handle your new leads as they come in from your online leads or your old leads that have become stagnant in your database. She is even bilingual.

With your new AI Assistant on board, you can touch more leads with authentic automation and still stay focused on closing more business. You don’t have to be involved in the qualification process at all, although you can keep an eye on the process on either our desktop or mobile applications.

We can even integrate with your CRM to send the conversation data back to that point of record. We probably have the integration in place.

Hire an AI Assistant to set yourself apart from your competition and provide a level of authenticity with your customers they’ll remember forever. That is a win-win that will keep your pipeline full for as long as you need it to.

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