Top 3 Ways to Kick Start Your Real Estate Lead Follow-Up
October 8, 2020
Real Estate

I am going to go out on a limb and make a bold statement.

You’re not great at following up with your leads.

It’s actually one of your weaknesses.

Am I close? Does this sound like you?

Well, you’re not alone. We hear this from our customers all the time, it is actually why they come to us in the first place.

They need help with their flywheels. You know what I am talking about, the lead flywheel that includes incoming leads, closing business, referrals. If the flywheel is rocking then you’re moving the business forward and hitting your goals.

Did you know the best way to get your flywheel spinning is to nurture and follow up with your leads?

I know! It is not your sweet spot. Not to worry it’s ours.

I’ve listed the Top 3 ways to kickstart your follow up and also linked to a fantastic webinar with our friend Gabe Cordova, CEO of Firepoint.

Focus on Speed to Response

No, I’m not talking about speed to lead. You know how important it is to respond to your leads quickly and you know what happens if you don’t.

Speed to response is the step after a lead responds to you. That response could be immediately after your first message or months down the road after your 15th message. Regardless of when they respond, you only have a moment to get back to them before the lead is lost forever.

As our CEO, Nate Joens said in the webinar – Building Up Your Real Estate Pipeline with Authentic Automation – when they do respond your number one goal is to service the lead and build a relationship, not set an appointment.

You can do this by listening, mirroring, and matching their response. If they say something like “I’m looking to buy a home in Ames, Iowa at the start of 2021”.

You listen to them and rephrase the way they said it. Something like “ You are looking in early 2021 for a home in Ames, Iowa.” But, then expand on the opportunity further to build the relationship.

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Have a good Re-Drip strategy

We consider this the anti-ghosting strategy. Re-drips come into play when a lead responds to you, you respond to them, but then you get nothing back. This is usually when most salespeople hit the bricks and move on to other opportunities. You only have so many hours in the day, you have to focus on leads that are actually engaging you.

That is completely true, you have to focus on those leads who are engaging you, but you also cannot ghost this lead. With a proper re-drip campaign you can continue to message this lead to ensure your brand is front of mind when the time is right for the lead.

There is a huge opportunity to continually message leads like this with re-drips that can be a great supplement to the new leads entering your flywheel.  

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Remember the Old Leads

I get it, you’re obsessed with new leads, but your old leads are dying in your database.

Sound about right?

The new leads are the hot and sexy leads that are fresh.

But, can I ask, what do you know about them?

All you know is they’ve engaged you and provided a few data points on your website form. You don’t know why they’re looking or when they’re looking to buy.  

But, what if you could look at a list of your old leads to see if they’re viewing homes on your website?

As Gabe said, using activity data in a system like Firepoint, to drill down into leads that are showing buying behavior allows you an opportunity to focus your time on the right leads.

These are just a few of the gems that came out of the webinar last month with Gabe. There are so many more I highly recommend you click below to watch the webinar:

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