With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Introducing Bulk Actions
April 14, 2020

Get ready to manage your leads like never before. Okay, ready? Great, let’s get started then ?.

As if Structurely’s artificial intelligence (AI) inside sales agent (ISA), Aisa Holmes, already didn’t do enough for you, we’re giving her the tools to help you do even more.

If you’re a fan of The Office (who isn’t), you remember the Kevin scene, where he talks with “few word, because many word take too long”.


Well, now Aisa Holmes lives by a similar motto, which is “why do many individual actions when bulk actions do trick?”

Introducing Bulk Actions

Now, with Bulk Actions, found in your HomeChat dashboard, you can take massive action (literally) with just a few clicks. Here’s what you can now do, in bulk:

  • Send text message
  • Assign agent/team
  • Open/close
  • Mute/unmute
  • Add task
  • Add tag

With this great power, comes great responsibility. There’s now a world of possibilities at your fingertips, to slice, dice and take action on the leads Aisa Holmes has been engaging, qualifying and following-up with for you already.

Here is a link to our How To Bulk Action Video

But fear not. We wouldn’t want you to feel overwhelmed with so much newfound power. That’s where Lead List Filters come in.

A perfect pairing: Lead Lists Filters + Bulk Actions

Like the finest red wine served with the perfectly grilled sirloin, we paired Lead List Filters with Bulk Actions for your convenience and pleasure.

As your Structurely sommelier, let’s dive into the different details of this fine pairing and learn just what you can do with them.

Agent ready leads, who’ve not been followed up by an agent yet

An “agent ready” lead, is a Structurely Stage, which Aisa Holmes categorizes your leads as, once she has a qualifying conversation with them, and they want to take the next step (nice ?).

A quick way to tell if your agents are in fact taking action with them is to then use the “Agent Engaged” filter. We trust your agents are following up with those leads, cause why wouldn’t they, right ?.

But just in case they aren’t, by selecting “Agent Engaged is False” you can see which leads slipped through the cracks.


Now, with those leads filtered, you can select all or some of them. Now its time for a bulk action of your choice, by picking from the bulk action drop-down selections.

In this case, we’d recommend making sure those “agent ready, and not agent engaged” leads are all assigned to an agent who will follow up with them to start with!

leads filter


Once they’ve been assigned, let’s make sure we have some insurance in place to remind that newly assigned agent to follow-up with those leads.

To do that, we will use our bulk actions to add task features.

Select those same leads you just assigned to your high producing, on-the-ball agent. Now this time, choose the Add Task bulk action.

task bulk

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Add a task of your choosing, something like “close the deal” and assign it to your top-tier agent and set a reminder to send them a push notification and email to close the deal m?

Want to take it one step further?

Let’s send a bulk text message to those same leads to let them know your agent will be reaching out to help them close the deal 🙂

You know the drill by now ?

  1. Select those same leads you already have filtered.
  2. Pick “send message” from the bulk actions dropdown
  3. Write your message, and hit send!

We certainly hope you enjoy this finely crafted feature. As we’ve demonstrated, paired tastefully with our Lead List Feature, bulk actions can be the main course of action you’ve been craving.

You can find this feature served fresh and hot right within your HomeChat dashboard. Don’t worry, if you’re not already a Structurely user, you can get served up with this piping hot feature too. Just schedule a demo, or set up a free account.

Happy closings?

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