Introducing Re-Drips
June 15, 2018

With the release of Re-Drips, Aisa Holmes will now re-engage your once-responsive leads.

It’s a place we’ve all been. We did everything we possibly could to finally get a lead to respond, but just like that, the lead responds once, then falls off the face of the Earth…

Re-Drips are the drip campaigns of the future. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Re-Drips will send a follow-up message to those once-responsive leads after 1 day of not hearing back, then again after 5 days of radio silence.

The problem with most drip campaigns

Drip campaigns aren’t anything new. You’ve probably been using them for years through your CRM.

There’s one major problem with drip campaigns.

They stop once your lead responds.

Or worse yet, they keep going and annoy your lead to the point of tears (or legal action, ouch).

This isn’t a win for you, the agent, nor the consumer. It requires you to step into every conversation a lead has responded to, and if you don’t do so quickly enough, that lead might go dark again.

Let’s face it, your prospects are hard to get a hold of. You think you’ve set up the perfect drip campaign with just the right hooks, questions and timing to get your lead to respond.

You’re probably seeing decent engagement rate initially from those drip campaigns, but time and time again, just when you get that lead to respond, they fall off the face of the Earth yet again.

Drip campaigns should stop when a lead is qualified, not when they’ve responded. Thankfully, with advancements in A.I., this is now a possibility.  

Introducing Re-Drips, drip campaigns of the future

Now with Re-Drips, so long are the days of drip campaigns stopping when a lead responds. Re-drip messages will send out a follow-up message 1 day after not hearing back from a lead, then again 5 days later.

Introducing Re-Drips, drip campaigns of the future

The best part? Each Re-Drip message is tailored exactly to the lead’s conversation so every follow-up message is contextual, relevant and helpful to that lead, who at one point responded to you.

Sometimes, your prospects just need that little extra nudge to get warmed up. See the conversation below as an example. The lead was clearly interested in seeing the property, but then went radio silent on Aisa when asking about their financing status (an important qualifier when setting up a showing appointment).

Introducing Re-Drips, drip campaigns of the future 2.

Then, after another 5 days of no response from this lead, Aisa Holmes would follow-up yet again with a contextual message regarding their financing status.

5 Days after no response to qualification question

Hey Janet – would you be considering financing or paying cash for your next property? I just want to make sure I’m sending you the right info either way to help you out 🙂

What do Re-Drips mean to you?

Getting your leads to engage with you is a tough job that you could spend an eternity on. In fact, it’s so tough that 80% of all real estate agents stop following up with leads after just the 3rd contact attempt.

As an agent, team leader or broker, you don’t have the time to contact a lead within 5 minutes, follow-up with them 12 or more times until they respond, then follow-up with them yet again after they respond once and then fall off the face of Earth.

Thankfully, Aisa Holmes comes packed with all the immediate, consistent and intelligence features of the Artificial Intelligence Inside Sales Agent you need at a fraction of the cost of its human counterpart.

If you’ve already hired Aisa to qualify your leads from Zillow, BoomTown, Facebook or your other online lead sources you’re in luck!

Re-Drips are LIVE on your account TODAY. That’s right, you’re already a part of the future. By leveraging A.I. to intuitively re-engage your once responsive leads, your award-winning ISA, Aisa Holmes, is increasing her already whopping average 57% lead engagement rate.

Are you ready for the drip campaigns of the future? Hire Aisa Holmes today.

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