Introducing Tasks – AI Powered Reminders
March 2, 2019

If you’re an Inside Sales Agent (ISA), buyer, or listing agent, team leader, or just generally in sales – you know the saying to live by, “complete a task, create a task”.

Maybe you’ve never heard that before? That’s okay, it’s really simple. It means once you complete a task for a given lead you must create a new one. This process is repeated until you’ve either closed won, or closed lost the deal (and can even continue after that!)

But this is time consuming, often forgotten and can often be a low priority as you’re main focus is to actually qualify, convert and close your leads! Not the mundate data entry tasks that come with it.

Thankfully, Aisa Holmes by Structurely has you covered!

Introducing Tasks, artificial intelligence that automatically creates and reminds you of tasks for your leads.

Now, not only does Aisa Holmes immediately engage, qualify and nurture your leads, she will also set and remind you of specific tasks that need you, the agent, to be involved in.

How do they work?

Auto tasks.

Let’s say Aisa is qualifying one of your leads for you and they mention “they’d like to setup a time to see 6900 Capitol View ct this sunday at 11:30am”.

Of course Aisa will respond and continue to qualify that lead for you, however she responds passively to the appointment request, allowing you, the agent, to confirm or deny the time requested by the lead.

But let’s face it, sometimes you forget to. Now, Aisa Holmes has set an Auto Task for you called “Confirm Appointment” so you’re immediately notified via push, text message and email that you have a new task due.

Not only that, but if don’t complete that task in 24 hours, Aisa sends yet another reminder notification to you that you have a task due! That way you have no excuse but to follow up and set up that appointment, go you!

What are the types of tasks?

Aisa Holmes currently supports creating 9 Auto Tasks for you, check them out:

  1. Call – when the lead requests to be called
  2. Email – when the lead requests to be emailed
  3. Follow-up – when the lead has been qualified (not working with a prior agent, wants to submit an offer, requests a service provider, etc)
  4. Connect with lender – if the lead is not pre-qualified/approved
  5. Send property info – when the lead requests specific information about a property
  6. Confirm appointment – when the lead requests a showing, listing or general appointment time
  7. Set up home search – when the lead identifies all search criteria (beds, baths, location, price range)
  8. Send property valuation – when a seller lead request a valuation on their property
  9. Send market report – when the lead community or market conditions

Create a custom task

Sometimes you might find yourself monitoring a conversation Aisa Holmes is having with one of your leads. As she allows you to jump into a conversation at any point, this is easy for you to do!

Now you’ve taken over a conversation from Aisa, qualified the lead and are ready to convert. But there’s a few things that lead needs you to do after that conversation.

Now, you can create a Custom Task so you don’t forget!

With Custom Tasks, you can create the task type, assign the task to yourself or a team member, and set a due date!

Ready to let Aisa Holmes “complete a task; create a task” for you? If you’re not yet a Structurely user – now’s the best time to sign up for Structurely and try Tasks.

If you’re already on any Structurely plan, Tasks are enabled in your account and you can learn more about them in our support center!

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