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Text AI 
automation that qualifies leads
for you

Instantly engage, nurture, 2-way text and bulk text with leads, powered by Structurely Text AI


Text AI Response Rate

The Text Call AI Technique

Get a 31% answer rate with qualified leads

Text Ai

Text AI sets up a qualified phone call

Use Structurely Text AI to queue up a Live Transfer or phone call through Structurely's Dialer or Calling Suite

Call Ai

Call AI that calls you and leads once they're qualified

Answer AI Live Transfers on your AI Dialer, or on the go, while the AI records, transcribes and creates post-call sales steps for you


AI that actually does sales for you

Lots of "AI" today helps you produce content. Structurely's AI actually does the sales heavy lifting for you.

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Apr 12

5 Killer SMS Marketing Strategies You Can Use Today, Enhanced by Structurely


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