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Hey {name}! I'm {bot_name}, an assistant here with {agency_name} :) Thank you for your inquiry about {address} on {lead_source}. I wanted to shoot you an email here but you might also receive another message from us elsewhere. I don’t think I’ve caught your name quite yet, could you tell me what it was? Is there a particular time that would work well for you with regards to arranging a showing or virtual tour? Here are a few options that my associate has available at the moment - {scheduling_link}.
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I'd be available for an appointment tomorrow at 11am.

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Got it! I will pass this on to my associate that you're interested in {address} and let them coordinate with you
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I'd love to get a little more information from you if possible. Are you already committed to an agent?
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I'm not working with an agent.

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Perfect, we would love to work with you! What's your timeframe to move?
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Before August sometime.

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Got it! And so that we can follow up with you, what's the best number we can use to reach you?
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(555) 333-2424

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Got it! It sounds like there are several areas we’ll be able to help with regarding your real estate needs. Here are a few days/times that my associate, {agent_name}, has available for a phone appointment - {scheduling_link} - I want to make sure we are on the same page and can discuss next steps.
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I'd be available for a call tomorrow at 11am.

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Got it! I'll confirm with my associate the time to give you a call! Otherwise we're happy to help answer any additional questions in the meantime :)
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