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Hey John! Thanks for inquiring about a quote and inspection on your roof at 811 Main Ave, we're happy to help 😀 To start let me ask, what's got you looking into a new roof?
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Well its about 17 years old and I think its finally time to replace it. Shingles are getting pretty weathered and wrinkling up and is becoming a bit of an eyesore.

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Of course, got it. Sometimes it's just time to get it replaced, I understand. So it's 17 years old, thanks for letting me know. And do you know about what the square footage of your house is?
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It's a 2,100 sf 2 story house.

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Got it, thanks. That helps us just get an idea on about how much roof we might need to replace. And what type of roof are you looking at? (Metal, asphalt, something else)
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Just a regular old asphalt roof. Will you all help me pick out a color? Im not sure how many options there are.

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Asphalt, got it. We can certainly help you decide on any one of our color options. We offer a pretty big variety of colors, and styles so we'll want to make sure we cover that in person or via an appointment where we get a good idea of how things will look. What was the ballpark price range you were hoping to stay in for the roof replacement?
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Okay thanks. And I'm honestly not really sure. Was hoping to keep it around $20k I guess.

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$20,000 thanks for letting me know. We can let you know more about pricing with a more detailed quote here in a bit. And would you be looking at financing with this transaction or thinking of paying with cash?
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I'd do cash, been saving up for this awhile since I knew it needed to be done haha.

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Certainly, cash makes things pretty easy then, thanks for letting me know! Thanks for all this info, I appreciate it. Let's do this as a next step - we can schedule some time to talk with our roofing consultants to answer any questions you have, then get an inspection on the calendar. Would you have some time for a quick 15 min. call at any of these times calendly.com/roofersplus/may?
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Sure thing, I booked some time for tonight at 5. Thanks!

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Perfect, thank you. Let us know if you have any other questions here in the meantime, otherwise have a great day 😀
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