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Hey John! Thanks for inquiring about a quote to replace your siding, we're happy to help. I have you down at 814 Main ave, now to start, is that a residential property where you're living or a commercial property?
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Hey Alex, thanks for the reply. It's just my personal residence. Lived here 20 years and its time for new siding I guess.

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Of course, got it. I'll get that noted down as a residential property. And what type of siding are you looking for? Vinyl, wood, hardieplank, something else...?
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I am just looking at vinyl right now. I don't want to go all out with any of the more expensive stuff.

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Got it, thanks, vinyl is a great choice, we can absolutely help you out with that. And just curious, what was the budget you were hoping to stay in for this project?
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Ideally would like to keep it under $20k, but not sure if that's reasonable or not to expect. Do you have a ballpark on how much a 2 story traditional home, about 1,700 sf would run with the vinly siding?

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$20,000 or so got it. Our pricing can range quite a bit depending heavily on the total area of siding we need to cover, so we'd need to get out to see your property before giving you an idea on price for now. If we do move forward, would you be looking at paying cash, with financing or some other way?
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It'd be cash, i've been saving up for it awhile, knowing I need to get it done.

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Cash certainly makes things easier 💰 thanks so much for all this info so far, we'll get you on your way here in just a sec for now. Our next step is typically to set up an on-site estimate! Is there a certain day/time that would be best for us to come by?
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Oh probably next friday after work, say 530 would work.

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Got it, I'll double check our team is available at 530 next Friday and let you know once we've confirmed that! Thank you again for helping us answer a few questions about how we can help with your siding. You should here from us shortly here to confirm that appointment time, but feel free to shoot us any other questions here you might have.
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Okay, thanks for the help.

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Sure thing, happy to help 😀
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