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Hey Zac this is Alex with SunCo Installations ☀️ I saw you got your instant estimate online and wanted to follow up with a few questions. To start, I just wanted to confirm, are you the home owner at 815 Main Ave?
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Yep, I've had the place for over 15 years and wanted to see about reducing my energy bill with solar.

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Okay great! Im curious then have you looked at solar before? Have you received any other solar quotes?
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I've contacted a few other companies yes. I'm just trying to get a feel for all the options as I know there's lots of pros and cons to many of the solar companies I've talked to already.

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Sure thing, I understand you want to get a feel for everything that's out there for options, thanks for letting me know that. Is there anything specific you would want to make sure we include in your design such as energy storage, or perhaps a certain product?
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I guess I would like to consider the energy storage yes. Is that something that gets installed in my home like on the wall?

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Got it, I can get you noted down here for the energy storage. That product is something that can be installed on a wall anywhere (typically your garage) so you can control the storage of the power for you panels. Now, have you been thinking about a cash purchase or financing for a project like this?
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I would ideally like financing, but I don't totally know what all the options for that are.

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Of course, we have lending partners who can help you with that entire side of things. Just before that real quick, would you happen to know your approximate credit score range? Is it in the good, great, or excellent category?
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It's something like 720 so probably just good right now.

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Okay thanks so much for letting me know that. That will help with the financing side of things and I can pass that along to someone on that side of things. When would be best to schedule an appointment with our team so we can talk about next steps?
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Okay, ya I guess I could do sometime this weekend, either day at about noon?

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Got it, I'll let you know what our team's availability is looking like then and can have someone to confirm that for you shortly. They will be in touch with you here. Let us know if you have any other questions in the meantime.
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