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Hey Jamie! Thanks for contacting us about considering your window replacements/repairs, we're happy to help. Are you looking to replace your windows soon or are you just looking at the moment?
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Hey Alex, yes actually I need to get someone out here pretty quick to get at least 2 windows replaced. They're leaking and probably getting moldy and rotted now.

Sent by Lead
Got it, we can help you get those replaced quickly. And thanks for letting me know, I'll jot down the 2 windows you are considering getting replaced. And are you looking at a specific style of window, wood, vinyl, etc?
Sent by AI assistant

I need a wood style window, that's what the rest of mine are so I want them to match for sure.

Sent by Lead
Wood got it, we can help you out with those for sure. Did you happen to have a ballpark price range you were hoping to stay in for this project?
Sent by AI assistant

I guess with 2 windows I was definitely hoping to stay under $10k if possible.

Sent by Lead
$10,000 or so got it. That helps us out ballpark wise, but we'll still want to get you an official quote/contract once we see the windows in person and can make a better estimate. When you make this investment would you be paying cash or credit, or will you need financing?
Sent by AI assistant

It will be cash,

Sent by lead
Cash certainly makes things easier 💰 thanks so much for all this info so far, we'll get you on your way here in just a sec for now. Our next step is typically to set up an on-site estimate! Is there a certain day/time that would be best for us to come by?
Sent by AI assistant

Ya that's fine. I could probably do tomorrow night around 615 would that work for you?

Sent by Lead
Got it, I'll double check our team is available tomorrow night around 615 and let you know once we've confirmed that! Thank you again for helping us answer a few questions about how we can help with your windows. You should here from us shortly here to confirm that appointment time, but feel free to shoot us any other questions here you might have.
Sent by AI assistant

Okay, thanks for the help.

Sent by Lead
Sure thing, happy to help 😀
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