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Instant responses, two-way qualifying conversations and long term follow-up for new home loan and refinance leads.


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Immediate follow up within 2 minutes 24/7/365, full qualifying conversations and long-term follow-up for 12 months with buyers, sellers, investors and more.

Real Estate

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Immediately follow-up with your property management leads to engage, nurture, and qualify the opportunity.


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AI Text and AI Email that engage, qualify and nurture your leads

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Text messaging is the future of sales. Dials are dying and your leads are buying through messaging. Send instant responses to new leads 24/7/365 with a 98% open rate and 57% response rate. Your AI assistant will have empathetic, human-like conversations to qualify your leads.

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Your leads know email. It's where they've bought for years. Your AI assistant immediately responds to leads to qualify them and nurtures those leads who have not responded yet.


A lead contacts you or exists in your CRM

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Your AI assistant engages within 2 minutes, 24/7/365 through text and email

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Your AI assistant follows up with unresponsive leads until they respond so you don't have to

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Your AI assistant has a two-way conversation to qualify your lead

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Hi Janet! My name is Scout and I’m an assistant here with Acme Co. Thanks for registering on our website to download the buyer's guide, what do you think of it so far? Could I send you over any additional content about what we do here? Let me know how I can help 😀

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Hey Janet, I just saw you downloaded our buyer guide on acmeco.com and wanted to see if you had any questions. I also just shot you a text message if that's easier. Feel free to text back there if I can help. Otherwise would you have some time for a quick call either tomorrow or the day after? Thanks, Scout Sarah Salesperson's Assistant

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Hey again Janet! Scout again with Sarah at Acme Co 👋 I didn't hear back from you yesterday and wanted to see if I could send over more resources. Would you like me to send those your way?

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Hey Scout, sorry I got caught up. Yes send those over!

Lead replied via text message

No worries! And of course, you can check out more of our resources at acmeco.com/resources. By the way what was your role again at Rockwhite? I want to make sure I'm sending you the right resources :)

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