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Structurely follows up with leads over a year, then engages in two-way conversations that turns 17% of old and new leads into qualified sales opportunities

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I'm interested in learning more about 611 Main Ave.
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Get More Qualified Leads Without the Work

Hey, Alex here with WindowsPlus - we got your inquiry about window replacements online. What problems are you having with your windows now and how many can we help you with?

Structurely AI Assistant
Hey Alex, thanks. Yes my windows are totally rotted. I need 5 replaced ASAP!
Lead Reply

Got it so 5 windows, we can help you out with that 👍 we typically like to do a quick in person consultation to kick things off. Would any of these times work for you? 👉 calendly.com/window-plus

Structurely AI Assistant

Automated texting follow-up and qualification in your CRM


Increase qualified appointments set for you by 2x


See an average 21x ROI on your spend with Structurely

One-Click Integration with Your CRM

Enroll leads, view and take over conversations and see all Structurely data right within your CRM

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AI Texting
Integrated Right in Your CRM
Automatically Enroll Leads in Structurely without leaving your CRM
Take Over From AI and  
Reply From Your CRM

More Revenue, Less Work.

Structurely Turns Raw Leads Into Qualified Appointments. Any industry, any type of lead, Structurely will determine if its qualified or not for you

New Buyer Inquiry

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Hey John, this is Alex with Home Realty thanks for your message on Zillow about 811 Main St. - are you considering a move in the near future or just looking?

Structurely AI Assistant
I'm honestly ready to move in the next 3 months. My lease is up and its time!
Lead Reply

Of course, we're happy to help you get in somewhere new in the next 3 months. Can you tell me a little about what you're looking for in a place?

Structurely AI Assistant

New Roof Consultation

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Hey, Alex here with Roofing Plus - we got your inquiry about a roof replacement online. What problems are you having with your roof now and how can we help?

Structurely AI Assistant
Hey Alex, thanks. Roof just got hit with a hailstorm and I need someone to take a look. Pretty sure I have damage!
Lead Reply

So sorry to hear that. We're happy to help. We can get a rep out to your house shortly. 😀, just a few quick questions...about how many square feet is your house?

Structurely AI Assistant

New Home Loan Inquiry

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Hey, Alex here with MortgagesPlus - we got your inquiry about a new home loan  online. What's got you looking into a loan, are you thinking of moving in the near future or just looking around?

Structurely AI Assistant
Hi Alex, i'm thinking of putting in an offer on a home and figure its time to get serious with at least a mortgage pre-approval.
Lead Reply

Sure thing, congrats, buying a home is very exciting 😀 We're happy to help. What is the price range of the home you're looking into, or what address did you have in mind?

Structurely AI Assistant

New Renter's Policy Inquiry

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Hey, Alex here with InsuranceCo - we got your inquiry about new renter's insurance online, we're happy to help 👍 What is the address you're looking to get covered?

Structurely AI Assistant
Hey Alex, thanks, yes I need coverage at 811 Main Ave. - Im moving in in 2 weeks
Lead Reply

Got it, 811 Main Ave, thanks. And noted on the timeline, thank you. What is the total approx. square footage on the property you're renting if you happen to know?

Structurely AI Assistant
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Structurely AI Assistant
Lead Reply

Structurely AI Assistant
Lead Reply

How Structurely Works

Structurely works 24/7/365 to engage, qualify and nurture your leads until ready to take the next step

Your New Lead Conversion Machine

Structurely converts 17% of leads to qualified appointments, with these features that cover your entire business:

Engage New Leads

Turn new lead inquires into qualified appointments with 24/7/365 coverage

Nurture Dormant Leads

You have dead leads in your CRM. Structurely revives them with follow-ups and qualifying conversations

Automated Long-Term Lead Follow-up

Most salespeople stop following up after 3 attempts. Structurely follows up 60+ times via text and email over a year

Get Qualified

Leads are turned into qualified appointments on your calendar

Qualified Leads

Don’t waste another second on dead-end leads. We pass along only the most qualified and promising prospects

Gain Insights and Analytics

Slice and dice your lead conversion data like never before with conversational analytics

Close More With Structurely Today

Convert 17% of leads to qualified appointments with Structurely

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Hundreds of Resources to Help Your Business

Tools, techniques, and more resources related to Structurely to help you grow your business by 10x

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