Hi, I'm Aisa Holmes

I'll be your personal lead assistant. You interact with me just like you would a real assistant. I'll respond to your leads within 1-2 minutes and take care of the initial qualifying conversation for you.


Aisa (Holmes) has handled the leads beautifully. It's exactly what I would have said. David and I are very pleased with Structurely. It has certainly helped us convert more of our leads. Thank you!

- Patricia Smith, Keller Williams Team Leader

Here's how I work

Your leads expect an instant, helpful response. I give you that peace of mind.

A lead contacts you

A lead reaches out to you on a website form, through live chat, or Facebook

I engage and qualify your lead

I message your lead within a minute and qualify them with meaningful questions all the way to arranging an appointment

You take over that lead

You can seamlessly take over the conversation at any point or wait until the conversation is over to follow up

Your leads on a silver platter

I qualify your leads through messaging while automatically extracting the important information.

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I'm interested in 8081 Apple st. San Francisco
Hi Janet! My name is Aisa and I'm an assistant here with Best Realty. Thank you for contacting us about 8081 Apple St. on Zillow. I would love to get something on my team's calendar for you! Would there be a particular time that would work well for you to see this home?
Sunday morning would work for me
Sounds great! I will pass this on to my team and let them confirm a time for Sunday morning with you! Could you tell me a little more about the home you're looking for as well? What locations, price range or number of beds/baths are you looking for?
Great thanks! I like 2 bdr homes preferrably 2 and a half baths. Would like to stay around 1.4 m near SF
Perfect! I'd be happy to have our team setup a home search for you in San Francisco in the 1.4 million dollar price range with 2 beds / 2.5 baths. When are you targeting for an ideal timeframe to move by?

Conversations that convert

I was built to convert your leads using empathy, trust and a dash of charm.



I use emojis, the time of day, humor and an occasional typo to drive engaging conversations. I even follow up with unresponsive leads after their first contact.



Moving can be a stressful time, especially if it is due to a big life event. I empathize with positive and negative life events such as a new baby, divorce, sickness and more so your lead always feels cared for and understood.



When leads reach out, they are expecting a quick, informative response. I can reference addresses, locations, and even public record data in my repsonses so your leads' questions never go unanswered.



I understand not every lead is ready to make a decision today. I've learned how to be flexible with those leads that are "just looking" while still driving the conversation forward in a meaningful way.

I respond to all your leads from one central app

Like a good assistant, I’m on top of every lead from Zillow, your website and Facebook that are all organized in a web and mobile app.

You're in great company

Top producers from across the country are hiring Aisa Holmes to qualify their leads.


We watched a conversation yesterday get more info out of a lead then we normally do. 1 of my agents commented it's better at qualifying then him. haha

- Brendan King, The Brendan King Group

The leads are smooth and engaging. I actually have jumped in while Aisa was engaging to see it in operation. We are actually out previewing properties and hope to have a house soon! Bam!

- Scott Peck, JB Goodwin REALTORS

Structurely has been a game changer for our team. I’m amazed at how many incoming leads will respond to “Hillary” instead of our agents. Aisa knows how to qualify, set appointments, and is even empathetic. It’s an extraordinary system to utilize for both new leads and past leads that have fell silent

- Angie Cole, A Cole Realty
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