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We believe the role of AI is to augment humans. That's why we've built Structurely. To improve how salespeople work and help their customers in life changing decisions.

Product overview of Structurely

What Makes Structurely Different

Our AI is all intelligence with nothing that feels artificial. We work tirelessly to ensure every interaction with your leads is positive, authentic, and relevant

You’ll never lose an opportunity because a lead goes “off script.” Structurely knows how to redirect and nurture appropriately, wherever the conversation goes.

99.9% of the millions of leads our AI has spoken to believe they're talking to a human. Our AI learns continuously with every interaction, constantly refining and optimizing the experience.

Structurely Leadership

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Cliff Smith

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Dan Murray

Board Chairman
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Andrew Dickelman

Board Member

Why Structurely

We introduced the first truly intuitive, fully-automated AI lead conversion system to the market.

Our Technology

Structurely’s AI communicates conversationally, and in real-time, the way your leads want. There is no learning curve for your team, nor is there a limit to the number of leads Structurely can qualify.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make your business more profitable by eliminating wasted time, money and effort qualifying leads; shortening your sales cycle and making your sales team more efficient overall.

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Our Core Values

At Structurely, we encourage everyone to grow and innovate, while having fun in the process

Take the Opportunity to Lead

Make It Even Better

Figure It Out

Finish the Job

We’re All Here to Help the Team Be Successful

We Can’t Afford to Wait

See the future and be a part of it.

Grow, innovate, and have fun with us.

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