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Aug 4

FlyOver Tech Fest: Meeting Your Best Friend + Tangible Takeaways From Sessions

Pete Jones

Pete Jones

Director of Demand Generation

I saw an interesting picture in Entrepreneur of Mark Zuckerberg looking out his car window with another guy in the car who I didn’t recognize - the title under the picture read “Mark Zuckerberg and Dropbox CEO Have Been ‘Close Friends’ for Years. Here Are 7 Other Top Tech Exec Friendships.”

The article said the 7 exec friendships were fostered as a result of the close proximity in Silicon Valley.

That got me thinking...

Does being in flyover country limit the opportunity to have like-minded friendships?

I know the answer to that question is greatly influenced by where you live. For instance, for us, in Ames, Iowa, I am sure our answer is different than those who reside in St. Louis.

Yet, while we don’t live in a community as densely populated by like-minded tech startups like in Silicon Valley, there are plenty of resources available.

Resources like the FlyOver Tech Fest, which allows the opportunity to hear tangible lessons learned from leaders who have done it before.

Here is a little more about the speakers we announced last week and a few takeaways you may take with you:

Eddie Shleyner - As the lead copywriter at G2 and the brains behind, Shleyner is a seasoned expert at creating copy that would very likely make the words on this page appear boring.

Takeaways - Specific examples to building fascinations into your copywriting

Dr. Jason Mars - Mars is the Co/Founder and former CEO at Clinc where he helped bring conversational AI technology into the banking industry. Now, as a Professor at the University of Michigan, he teaches Computer Science to some of the best and brightest.  

Takeaways - Tangible lessons for growth while leveraging innovation  

Ezra Galston - The Founding Partner of Starting Line, Galston bet big on friendships and mentors to build the B2C focused organization that looks differently at expectations. He knows a thing or two about building in the Midwest.

Takeaway -  Ways for Midwest startups to get more credit

Mike Fitzgerald and Mark Kunkel - Kunkel, the CEO at Logic Gate has a unique story to tell - he passed on investment from some of the biggest names in the business. That is until he decided on investment from Fitzgerald and High Alpha.

Takeaways - Fundraising lessons from the startup and the investors

There is one very strong likelihood, though, Entrepreneur will not be following you around to take a picture of you with your new best buddy after our Fest. 😃

We just rounded the corner into August and saw the Fest countdown tick under 60 days!

Book your place now to get in on all the fun - seriously. Our lawyers want us to make it known there are no promises of friendship simply by registering for the FlyOver Tech Fest.

👉 Book your place ->

Stay tuned for other exciting announcements!

Want to read about the other speakers?

Click below:

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