5 Killer SMS Marketing Strategies You Can Use Today, Enhanced by Structurely
April 12, 2024

In today’s fast-paced digital marketing world, SMS stands as a critical channel for direct engagement with consumers. Structurely is leading the charge, utilizing AI to transform SMS marketing into an exceptionally effective tool. This innovative journey is propelled further by a strategic partnership with Key Technology Solutions (KTS).

Here, we explore how this powerful alliance super-charges five fundamental SMS marketing strategies, inviting you to see the impact firsthand.

1. Venturing into New Demographics with Engaging Dialogues

Why is exploring new markets crucial?

In the digital marketing realm, tapping into new demographics via SMS opens doors to untapped potential, fueling growth and broadening reach. It’s not just about reaching more people; it’s about connecting in ways that resonate and leave a lasting impact.

How do Structurely and KTS enhance this approach?

With messages crafted for genuine human connection, such as:

Feeling overwhelmed by home-hunting options?
A quick chat might be helpful. Is now a good time?

Structurely goes beyond mere outreach. This method transforms the initial contact into a gateway for deeper engagement.

2. Integrating 2-Way Qualifying Text Conversations

When a lead responds, Structurely’s AI doesn’t just record the reply; it continues the conversation with intelligent, two-way dialogues that qualify the lead’s interest and needs. For example:

Lead: “Yes, a bit overwhelmed here.

Structurely AI: “I totally get that, [Name]. Are you looking more in [Area] or open to exploring?

This seamless continuation of the conversation allows Structurely to dynamically interact and qualify leads, ensuring that the engagement is not only personalized but also highly effective in understanding and catering to the specific needs of each new demographic entered.

Test our AI

3. Crafting Personal Connections

Why prioritize personalization in SMS marketing?

Personalizing SMS messages caters to the individual’s preferences and behaviors, significantly elevating engagement rates and fostering more meaningful connections.

Consider a personalized touch:

Hey [Name], navigating [Home Type] options can be quite the adventure. I’m here to help. Have any questions?

This method ensures that each message is not just seen but felt, making every word count in the journey towards engagement.

sample text conversation

4. Optimizing Message Timing

Why is timing crucial in SMS marketing?

The impact of an SMS isn’t just in its content but its timing. Sending messages when your audience is most receptive boosts engagement and conversion chances.

Structurely & KTS Strategy Highlights:

With Structurely’s AI, sending timely messages like,

Good evening [Name], ready to explore new home options?

becomes intuitive, aligning perfectly with your audience’s daily life.

Automated Re-Drips for the Win:

When leads mention timing issues, Structurely’s AI smartly schedules follow-ups. For example:

Got it, [Name]. Let’s circle back in [Timeframe]. I’m here when you’re ready!

This approach keeps the conversation going at the right time for the lead, ensuring your messages hit the mark without constant manual tracking.

5. Merging SMS with Your Marketing Symphony

How does SMS fit into the broader marketing strategy?

SMS should not be an island but a part of a harmonious multi-channel marketing strategy, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand experience.

For example, after an event like an open house, this message feels relevant and timely:

Appreciate you stopping by [Property Address] today, [Name]. Any lingering questions or thoughts?

This seamless integration ensures that the conversation continues, bridging the gap between different marketing channels.

Empowering Your Marketing with a Personal Touch

This partnership between Structurely and KTS isn’t just about enhancing strategies; it’s about redefining engagement. By incorporating a conversational tone, empathetic messaging, and strategic timing into SMS marketing, we invite you into a dialogue that goes beyond transactions to create genuine connections.

Interested in taking your SMS marketing to the next level?

Unveil the transformative power of Structurely and KTS, and take your marketing approach to new heights. Engage in strategies that go beyond outreach, focusing on creating meaningful conversations that resonate.

Join us on this transformative journey, where each message is a key to unlocking deeper engagement and enduring connections. Explore our Youtube playlist here to get even more tips and strategies.