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With Structurely, we average a 50% response rate and 47% interested rate from the client after they have responded back. Structurely is doing the hard work and getting me in touch with the people who are interested now in purchase a home or wanting a mortgage. Time saver for sure.

- Brady Bales, OneTrust Home Loans

Here's how your AI Assistant converts more of your mortgage leads

Make the right first impression with your mortgage leads with your AI Assistant

Connect mortgage lead sources

Convert new leads from any lead source for revitalize existing leads

Follow-up, qualification, and nurture

Your AI Assistant engages all your leads in under 2 minutes, 24/7/365, qualifies those leads with meaningful conversation and nurtures unresponsive leads for 12 months

Take over LO ready leads

Get notified of leads that are ready for you through mobile app, text message, or email

Built for your team's workflow

Two-way CRM integrations

Two-way CRM integrations

Lead conversations are sent back to your CRM in real-time and you can mute your AI Assistant from your CRM

Realtor co-assignment

Realtor co-assignment

Add your Realtor partners to your account to optimize your communication (and split costs!)

Mortgage Scripts

Pre-built, optimized mortgage scripts (or build your own)

Your AI Assistant has scripts for a new home loan and refinance leads

Long-term follow-up

Go ahead, generate more mortgage leads. Your AI Assistant will help you convert more leads

Your AI Assistant follows up with your leads 25 times over 12 months so you don't need to worry about your database not getting any love

24/7 immediate response

Respond to all of your leads instantly

Your AI Assistant has you covered with an instant response and full qualifying conversation when you're with clients or sleeping

Web and mobile apps

Jump into the conversation at any time, from anywhere

iOS and Android apps let you take your conversations on the go. Mute conversations or take over conversations directly from your phone

Empathy and objection handling

More meaningful mortgage qualifying conversations

Your AI Assistant overcomes objections while driving the conversation forward and empathizes with your leads like a human

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