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White label Structurely's technology into your system to provide your users with the best lead conversion technology and create a new revenue center for your business

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Trusted by more than 10,000 salespeople across North America
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Grow Your Revenue with Structurely

“Since adding Structurely to our product we've seen conversation reply rate increase and appointments being set with our leads double.”
Alvaro Erize
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Create a new profit center

Build new revenue streams by white labeling and selling our technology

Increase value and reduce churn

Make your product more sticky by qualifying the leads you're already managing for your users

Attract more clients

Never tell users "no" to having AI built in to your product and leverage the feature in marketing

Stand out from your competition

Don’t lose users to competitors who already have built in AI

Deepen your tech stack

Augment your client offerings with AI-enabled sales tools without the development costs

How Structurely Works

Structurely works 24/7/365 to engage, qualify and nurture your leads until ready to take the next step

Give your users qualified leads

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Fast Response Time

Respond to leads within 1 minute, 24/7/365

57% Response Rate

Give your users a 57% lead response rate to text and email follow-up

Long-Term Follow-Up

Get built in long-term text message and email follow-up campaigns done for you

Pre-Built or Custom Conversations

Use our library of re-built scripts to start qualifying leads, or build your own

Humanlike AI

Leads that respond get two-way qualifying conversations that are indistinguishable from human

7x More Appointments

Structurely converts 7x more leads to qualified appointments done for your users

Dedicated Support for our Partners

Configurable for your business
Co-development support when needed
Dedicated account manager
Training and marketing resources
Marketing materials ready for your use
Monthly analytics reports
View API Documentation

Close More With Structurely

Convert 17% of leads to qualified appointments with Structurely

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