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Sep 8

Final FlyOver Tech Speaker Announcement + A Rock Star Sales and Marketing Panel

Pete Jones

Pete Jones

Director of Demand Generation
Final FlyOver.

It’s hard to believe we’re just under 30 days until our first virtual festival. Yes, it is a virtual summit, but we know you’re sick of hearing about those so we’re calling it a fest.  

When we started brainstorming about an event like this we really didn’t know where the bar would be. We weren’t sure we would get any interest from speakers or registrants.

But, we pushed forward anyway. We read a lot of content, researched platforms, talked to our friends and colleagues who have held events like these before.

Then, we started putting speaker names up on the whiteboard. We had some huge names, like Ashton Kutcher - hey he’s from Iowa and in the tech scene.

Needless to say, you don’t see Ashton on the speaker list. We actually never made the ask because the first few speakers we reached out to were interested.

👉 Book your place today

Then, all of a sudden, other speakers started showing interest. The steamroll effect started to kick in and now, we have to say, we’re ecstatic about the list of speakers who are sharing their tangible lessons learned with you, our registrants.

Now that we’ve announced our final addition to the speaker line up we can start to figure out how to host this thing. We’re kidding!

We figured that out months ago. We’ve even had a few test runs to ensure we’re at the top of our game. 😀

A Rock Star Sales and Marketing Panel

What is one of the most common issues you hear from companies who are poised to grow?

The divide between sales and marketing teams.

Well, we hope to quash most of that noise after the panel “Building the Bridge Between Sales and Marketing.”

Moderated by Christina Brady, President with Sales Assembly.

The panelists:

They’ll share their lessons learned from building highly functioning sales and marketing teams for their organizations.

Book your place today to hear from this panel and the other 19 speakers.

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