Jun 17

Streamline your Property Management Workflow with LeadSimple + Structurely

Nate Joens

Nate Joens

Co-founder, head of innovation

The past year has seen more digital innovation across every industry than ever before in history.

The property management industry was not secluded from that. You've felt it, we all have.

You've had to change your entire processes to go digital first.

  • Online video property showings
  • Digital application approvals
  • Entire closings happening over only email and text messaging

We've had to rethink the entire way we all do business, for better or worse.

The help of companies like LeadSimple have made the lives of property managers during this time a breeze. But, it's just the start.

What if you could automate even more? That's where conversational AI comes in.

Conversational AI opens up the "black box" that is locked away in the thousands of conversations you're having with your tentans and prospects, so you can streamline all that rich information.

Conversations: the black box of data gold that's holding you back

No matter the process, in property management, everything starts and ends with a conversation.

From first form submission, to application, to getting the keys (and even after they've moved in) every property management contact will exchange messages with your property management company at some point.

What if you could systematically understand everything your contacts are saying?

Think about the new automation workflows you could create with that data at your fingertips, like:

  • Automatically moving new rental leads to "appointment scheduled" when they've provided times to you in conversation
  • Moving leads to "closed lost other" when they aren't qualified to buy
  • Moving leads to "decided not to buy" when they don't express an interest in renting
  • Or moving leads to "active" or "passive" nurturing based on a lead expressing interest in renting, just later on down the road

All this, right within your property management CRM like LeadSimple, that's got your entire workflow process pipeline setup for you in the exact customer journey your leads need to follow.

CRM like LeadSimple.

But that's just the start of what conversational AI for property management can do for you.

2-way conversations uncover more for you, automatically

CRM's like LeadSimple are fantastic for automating 1-way email and messaging communications.

But what happens when a contact responds? Yay! Right?

Until you have to respond back to them yourself, and now the real fun begins continuing to chase them through communications until you can actually move them to the next step in your process.

Conversational AI like Structurely's AI Assistant, automates your 2-way lead and tenant messaging over Text Message and Email for you.

Conversational AI like Structurely's AI Assistant.

All the data you see in the conversation on the left-above as a human, AI sees it too and automatically enters all that data for you in Structurely's dashboard and mobile apps, and your CRM's custom property fields like:

  • Bedrooms = 2
  • Bathrooms = 2
  • Location = Duncanville
  • Price range = $1,000
  • Timeframe = ASAP

Everything synced up for you, all right in your LeadSimple command center CRM

Automating even more of your property management processes and having full 2-way, humanlike conversations might sound great, but what's it matter if you can't manage it all from your CRM?

Seriously, who wants yet another log in? (I know your leasing agents don't)

That's the beauty of the integration between LeadSimple + Structurely. It brings the power of conversational AI right to your LeadSimple CRM.

It ends up feeling like you have a trained sales assistant for all your leasing agents, that works out of your CRM, just like your entire team does.

There's 3 basic features to the LeadSimple + Structurely integration that you need to know:

1. Enrolling eligible leads you want Structurely's conversational AI to engage, right from within LeadSimple
Enrolling eligible leads you want Structurely's conversational AI to engage, right from within LeadSimple.

As you can see, the "trigger" events that can happen in your LeadSimple account that make a lead eligible for Structurely engagement are nearly limitless.

2. All conversation messages to leads and from AI are logged right within your lead/contact profile in LeadSimple
All conversation messages to leads and from AI are logged right within your lead/contact profile in LeadSimple.

Don't worry about a thing. Every message your AI sends and receives are logged in real time in your LeadSimple lead profile. That way you're up to date and aware when you might need to step in.

3. Mute or take over the conversation from AI at any time right from within LeadSimple
Mute or take over the conversation from AI at any time right from within LeadSimple.

Just add a tag "muteAI" to your lead or contact profile to stop the AI from continuing it's conversation. Then you can step in, aware of the full conversation yourself, and take it from there.

It's really as easy as that. Conversational AI + LeadSimple CRM gives you more automation, more visibility and more insights into your property management leads and business than ever before.

It's time you take your CRM to the next level, and give your entire team the power of their own personal AI sales assistant.

Want to learn how to level up and integrate Structurely + LeadSimple? Schedule a demo with us today. (It's worth it, trust us)

Happy leasing,The Structurely Team

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