Watters International Realty Case
August 28, 2023
Case Study

“I can honesty say that if you’re looking for a way to build your database for your Demand Gen / Biz Dev efforts, you won’t be disappointed. $0-5 Million in 3 month is not only possible, I can now say that $5-20M is starting us in the face.”


Watters International Realty team, led by Co-owner and Broker Chris Watters, has over 200 real estate professionals located across 17 markets, with headquarters in Austin, Texas. Their team strives to provide clients with a high level of service unmatched by other companies in Central Texas.

The Challenge

The production of the Watters team brought with it inefficiencies in processes that added expense and frustrations. To minimize both, the team looked to streamline their lead process with automation while ensuring they maximized their return on investment. After trying virtual ISA teams, they decided to leverage their BoomTown system of work with both Real Synch and Structurely.

The Solution

When Elena met the Saleswhale team, she was intrigued by the Saleswhale AI sales assistant’s ability to hold email conversations with leads. She decided to work with Saleswhale to scale her team’s lead engagement and qualification processes. First, Saleswhale set up two AI sales assistants for Unit4, each covering different regions. Both AI sales assistants get names, designations, and Unit4 corporate emails.

The Results


messages sent

In a year and a half, Structurely’s AI Assistant sent just under 240,000 messages to over 17,900 leads.


closings per month

Structurely’s AI Assistant helped sales reps close 20 deals a month across the team.


pipeline generated

Structurely qualified 195 leads which influenced a pipeline of just over $80,000,000.

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