Your Lead’s Cross Country Road Trip: Why Fluffy Website Forms Lead to Missed Sales Goals
July 23, 2020
Customer Journey

Let’s imagine your lead buying process as a cross country road trip. The leads information that you glean from your initial form fill is the fuel, used to help your sales team get that lead to their final destination, a sale.

Industry-standard will still tell you to keep the website forms short and fluffy by only getting that leads name and email. “Fluffy” of course referring to the tiny amount of information you’re getting from your leads upfront.

Considering the average conversion rate for form fills is 11%, which many companies would consider a huge success, your fluffy form is more likely to get under 5% if that.

“Hey now, what’s this guy have against fluffy form fills?”

Listen, I like classic cars just like the next person, but that doesn’t mean I want to take my 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle on a 3,000-mile road trip across the US.

That is often how making a sale feels when you are given only the lead’s name and email address. It’s a very archaic way of thinking about the process of generating and communicating with your leads.

The idea of getting the lead in the door as quickly and easily as possible and then piecemealing the rest of their information, later on, sounds great, but you’re choosing the wrong vehicle.

The reason these forms perform so poorly is that they run out of gas; name and email will only take them so far. Even with the best sales team and processes, it is no way to hit your sales goals!

When you choose the 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle (email) as your vehicle, you’re either going to have to pay more to get a source for data or have your sales team doing what they love to do, research.

That will surely make your cross-country trip take even longer, which means a longer, and more costly, sales cycle.

“Fine, I hear you. So what’s your big revolutionary idea then?”

What if we shifted our thinking from generating a crazy amount of fluffy leads because it looks good on paper, to generating leads that have the potential to go the distance without more money or sales resources.

Why not try and also get your top of funnel, raw leads cell phone numbers, and… text them! I know,

I know, I just dropped an earth-shattering idea but it is often the simplest ideas that get skipped. Let’s call this new communication vehicle a 2020 Porsche 911.

Texting your leads (in an automated fashion) is the future of lead follow up, and the vehicle you’ll need if you’re wanting to squeeze the most potential out of your leads and ad spend money. You’re getting left behind if you still only get your lead’s names and email addresses.

Texting allows you to have a qualifying conversation with the lead to get more information that will help you present the right product when it is time to close.

Stop taking 500 fluffy leads, putting them in your 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle, taking them a fourth of the way there, only to then have your sales organization throw more money at them to fill in the data gaps, ultimately, taking longer to close.

Why not use that same ad spend money and try and take 300 leads the distance with one fueled up form?

These new leads, running on a more fueled up form, and the much newer and efficient vehicle (texting) is now taking that same 3,000-mile cross country road trip in their 2020 Porsche 911.

Which lead do you think will make it there first?

Let’s stop making constant pit stops with our leads to get more info from them and instead lets #FuelTheForms before we hit the road and see how far they can go.

👉 We promise the rid the world of #BadChatBots

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