How to Qualify Your Mortgage Refinance Leads on Autopilot
September 16, 2020

You’re busy. I get it.

At least, I have to assume the 60% increase in mortgage refinance leads has made you busy.

I bet the influx of business has you wishing you had an automated process to handle your incoming leads.

Does that about sum it up?

Since you’re busy, I’ll keep this short. I have a way for you to automate your lead engagement and qualification, so you only have to work the best ones.

Sounds interesting?

Then, keep on reading.  


Qualifying leads on autopilot means you first need a system in place to process them.

Your automation system should involve the below elements:

  1. Online lead sources that generate leads
  2. Mortgage broker CRM software to process your lead, store the data – here is a list of the best software by G2
  3. Marketing automation software to handle the email nurturing efforts for you

Text Messaging

You’re a step ahead if you already have the above elements in place, two steps if you are already automating your leads.

If you are, you’re likely leaning very heavily on email to communicate with your leads. Email marketing can be effective, but with more than 269 billion emails sent daily, nearly 50% spam, it might be time to consider an additional source.

In case you couldn’t tell from the section header, that source should be text messaging.

Wondering how texting works?

Think about how fast you read your texts after your phone alerts you.

Then, consider text open rates are as high as 98%, compared to the 20% you likely get with your email nurturing efforts. Also, the average time it takes a person to respond to a text is 90 seconds.

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Your leads came to you because they want answers and they don’t want to wait. They’re eager to buy that house or refinance the one they live in now. If they have to wait, they will likely consider another source, which is not what you want.

Using a system to text your lead immediately after they submit their online form means you will have an immediate opportunity to answer their questions and learn more about their needs. You will also start to form the relationship that is necessary to earn their trust.

Refi Scripts

You don’t have to sit on your phone all day texting your leads. Get that image out of your head.

Instead, you can lean on systems to automatically handle that process for you.

We’ve built specific text messaging scripts that you can use right now to follow up with your leads automatically. Our mortgage users have used these scripts to follow up on their refinance leads with an average engagement rate of 50%.

As you will see in the Top Messaging Scripts for Mortgage Refinance Business template, these lead follow-up scripts are for an entire calendar year. Of course, we hope that your lead responds much quicker than that. But, in case they don’t, we have the automated process to handle the follow-up for you.

Here is an example of the first few scripts:

Top Messaging Scripts for Mortgage Refinance Business.

In total, this template has 24 ready-to-use scripts you can use today. While I would love you to start using our product, Aisa, to manage these scripts, you don’t have to. You can add them to your nurture efforts in your CRM or other solution if they already have a text message option available.

The End Game

While these scripts are available to nurture your leads via text messaging for up to a year, the ultimate end game is to engage and qualify the lead.

Our product, Aisa, is entirely automated. We pull in the lead from your CRM, or your website, and immediately reach out to them via text message with the first message above.

If the lead responds, Aisa then engages and qualifies the lead for you using her empathetic conversational approach.

If the lead ghosts Aisa and does not respond, she will nurture them for up to a year with the scripts in the template above.

Think back to how eager your lead was to get the answers to their question and how fast the average person opens a text message.

Wouldn’t you love your leads to get a response from you that quickly?

Interested in learning more about how we would use these scripts to engage, nurture, and qualify your lead?

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