Why Video Marketing Works for Loan Originators
May 20, 2020

The easiest way for video marketing to maximize reach into your market.

The rapid acceleration of digital adoption is a reality we’re currently living in. As a Loan Originator (LO), the time to consider how you’re going to win in that space is now.

Real estate video marketing certainly has its place, especially considering the digital marketing landscape is today. Mortgage video marketing also has its place, as it allows mortgage loan originators the opportunity to be part of the solution for Realtors.

As Craig Sewing said in a Mortgage Coach video, Becoming The Most Well Known Mortgage Professional In Your City, mortgage professionals need to be on offense and defense right now. Video allows you to do just that.

Zoom Meetings

Imagine asking your local Realtors to allow you access to their entire customer database. According to Dave Savage and Glenn Bill, that should be one way to be part of the solution right now. They suggested building relationships with Realtors and providing enough value to make the Realtor a rockstar in their market. They do this by holding Zoom calls with an agents entire client base to develop a video that discusses the following:

  • Marketplace review
  • Help Realtors’ customers be more successful
  • Answer customer questions to increase pre-listing appointments
  • Feature ways the Total Cost Analysis can change the way package your mortgage

Obviously, for an LO, finding a Realtor to not only allow access to their entire database but also push out your content is a win-win for everyone. The partnership you just created brought value to their customers and to themselves. Guess who that Realtor is going to go to next to write business.

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Boosting Videos

But, that concept in itself is not enough. Now you need to boost the video to the masses. Your goal with this effort is to ensure your brand, your name is as well known as possible in the marketplace.

To do that, consider taking the video you made and pop it into iMovie or another solution to quickly edit it down to a manageable size. Social media platforms usually suggest videos anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute. The smaller version of the video is just for the advertisement, the ad will point new views to your larger video.

Then, take the video and then put it into a video marketing campaign on a social platform like Facebook or Instagram or another social media platform to build an ad around it. Then, add your current audience into the list to distribute the ad to. That audience is people who already follow your pages and are in your database. Even the Realtor’s audience you just presented the video too, if you were provided access to take the database with you. Yes, we know they likely already watched the video but surely they did not take down every point you made. They’ll want to watch it again.

a social platform.

Put a little budget in your ad so you can also push out further than just those people who follow you, as we mentioned in our previous post on widening the net.

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Then, run the ad. Let it run its course. Then dig into the data.

If you chose to run your ad on Facebook there is a wealth of data that you can now use to benefit your end state result of widening your net and increasing your brand awareness. That data is available on other platforms as well, just usually in slightly different ways, but it is still just as valuable.

Video Data

For starters, look at the people who watched your video either halfway through or all the way through. Those are the ones who are fully engaged. They’re likely going to be in the market to bring their mortgage to you in the near future. Or, they are at least interested in the value you presented in the video.

They also have tendencies online that you can capitalize on. You can put that audience into a remarketing list to run another ad to them for the next 30 days. Or, you can create at a Lookalike audience that mimics the tendencies of this initial list to truly widen the net.

Rinse, reuse, and recycle. Imagine taking these steps on several videos. Another way to even take your videos further is to cobrand your video with a local realtor to automatically increase your opportunities.

Innovation is the key today. Now is the time to create relational content in your community via video. That video can be on Youtube or via a meeting solution like Zoom, which integrates with Facebook live.

Dan Keller said, “I don’t need every Realtor to do business with me, but I do need every realtor to know who I am.”

Use these ideas to push video out to your market and to your local audience to ensure your name is known and to win in local search results. Taking the time now to double down on video production and building relationships with realtors will win big now and in the future. Video has and will continue to be a big player in marketing and with these tactics so will you.

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