What Authentic Automation Means to Real Estate Leads
August 17, 2020
Real Estate

Getting in touch with your real estate leads as fast as possible is essential.

That is not new.

Getting back to your lead as quickly as possible and not losing it are two separate things.

In last month’s webinar, Authentic Automation for Lead Conversion, our guest, Robby T., with Hatch Coaching, talked about flipping real estate leads on their head.

His sales team does this in two ways:

Speed to Lead

There is only one goal with getting back to a lead quickly – getting a response.

Any response, even if it’s no.

That is the opposite of many real estate methodologies that only focus on getting “yes” answers. For Robby and his team, “no” is not the end of the road for his sales efforts. It is the starting point of opening the door to an authentic answer.

While this may seem backward, Robby claims it has allowed his team to further the conversation and put people at ease.

getting a response.

In the above script, he allows his lead an “out,” meaning they can say they are not interested.

“Giving a lead a way out of the conversation gives you a more authentic response. The person feels safer and more comfortable with you than they do if they feel pressured.”

By not pressuring a lead to say yes, they are often more willing to give an authentic answer that allows his team to continue the conversation.

The most common response to the message is #2, people are usually too busy.

When they get that sort of response, it doesn’t mean they close the deal and move on to the next opportunity.

Instead, they dig deeper.

They ask things like:

“Let’s say the ideal home came on the market in the next 90 days, would you be interested?”

That opens the conversation up to dig deeper to determine what the ideal home would look like, which builds the relationship.

Speed to Response

Speed to response is ensuring you respond to leads after they’ve messaged you back.

You have 24 hours to get back to them or they’ll be gone forever.

There is two speed to response goals – to listen and mirror & match.

  • Listen to what the lead is saying.
  • Mirror & match their words by responding to them and restating.

To hear more about this topic and to hear what Robby things about safe search options, click below to watch the webinar:

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