Top Reasons BoomTown + Structurely Users Engage 4x More Leads
March 4, 2021
Real Estate

When it comes to responding to your leads, timing is everything.

But with so many competitors in the market, engaging your new leads has become a challenge — including those who rely on BoomTown’s award-winning lead generation management.

Fortunately, BoomTown users who trust Structurely no longer have to worry about this challenge because they get their leads qualified day or night, even when they’re busy with a customer.  

This post will explore the ways you can engage more leads and trust the process.

Two-Way Conversations

Let’s face it. Reaching out to new online leads is not why you get out of bed in the morning.

You get out of bed to help your customers find the home of their dreams and to see their euphoria when they close on the sale.

But, you know this.

Starting with a brand new lead in your inbox is often daunting and can often be a waste of your time.

With Structurely, BoomTown users have found the magic elixir, an assistant that can follow-up with your online leads at scale with two-way conversations over text and email.

Using scripted conversations built to engage, qualify, or nurture the opportunity with an end goal to hand off the lead to you.  

I know what you’re thinking.

How can I trust someone else to have conversations with my leads?

Our human-like conversations can be completely customizable to ensure your brand standards, and you have the option to jump into them at any point.

We’ve had over 3 million conversations, so we know a thing or two about qualifying real estate leads.

Do you know what our most responded-to message is?

“Let me know if I can help.”

Let me know if I can help.

This message goes out 12 minutes after the first if there is no response.

Do you know why this is the most responded to message?

Because most leads think the first message is from a bot. This message shows human tendencies and usually grabs the user’s attention, spinning the rest of the qualifying conversation.

The funny thing is, we build out our messages to be unrecognizable from humans, using empathy, intentional typos, and even emojis and GIFs when it makes sense. 😀

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Respond when they want answers

Responding to your lead right after they fill out their online form right away is extremely important, but you can do that with a marketing automation solution or an autoresponder.

Your leads expect answers and a conversation, not just a canned message.

Well, most of the time, anyway. Sometimes your initial response falls on deaf ears.

So does your second, third, and even fourth.

The funny thing is, even if your lead left you hanging, they’d expect you to jump in with answers whenever they do respond.

You’re busy. You have things to do that keep you busy throughout the day, which means you can’t be responsive at the very instant your leads want you to.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an assistant to handle these responses?

Many teams have ISAs involved just for these types of responses. But, after you’ve spent the time and resources training them you really don’t want them dealing with the tire-kickers.  

That is where the AI Assistant has had significant success. They jump in to greet the lead and carry on qualifying conversations and send you an agent-ready notification for you to jump in when they’re hot to trot.

Day or night

You sleep, right?

Do you wake up in pools of sweat thinking of all the leads you missed overnight?

Come on. You’ve thought about missing leads at night.


As I mentioned previously, your customers want answers when they want them, even if it is 3 am.

How do you manage it all?

Surely you don’t just chalk up the leads that come in at 3 am as a loss because you can’t possibly respond to them. Maybe you set up your automation solution to push out a canned message.

If I do say so myself, the best way is to have your assistant handle the after-hour messages. She’ll do it in her usual empathetic style, and her main goal is to provide you with an agent-ready lead when you wake up.

Wouldn’t that make your morning?

Our BoomTown users engage 4x more leads because they have the system to respond to their leads when and how they want, day or night. Also, they get to see the full conversation between your customer and Structurely with the Real Synch integration in place, so they don’t even have to leave BoomTown.

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