Human ISA vs. Artificial Intelligence ISA – A Case Study with Steve Aust’s BHGRE Brokerage
November 6, 2018
Real Estate

Before hiring Aisa Holmes, Steve Aust, a broker for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Journey and his team had hired human Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) to manage their leads but realized only 30% of them were actually being engaged and qualified. “It was just not giving us what we wanted,” Steve said, “the quality was not there”.

That’s when Steve and his team began exploring the idea of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to qualify their leads. It’s no secret, AI is posed to streamline sales once and for all, as highlighted in a new article in the Harvard Business Review.

And our AI ISA is on the front lines of making that a reality for real estate.

For Steve, the benefits outweighed the costs of hiring AI to engage his leads vs. a human team. Being the largest Zillow Premier Agent lead advertiser in Northern Arkansas, his brokerage reels in approximately 600 Zillow leads alone every month. There’s simply no way a human team, let alone his agents, could keep up with that volume.

So Steve hired Aisa Holmes for his entire BHGRE Journey brokerage and implemented the AI seamlessely into his Zillow Premier Agent lead flow across all his agents. As he puts it,  “Every agent has an assistant that is immediately reaching out to their clients and engaging them. It’s 24/7 coverage.”

“Every agent has an assistant that is immediately reaching out to their clients and engaging them. It’s 24/7 coverage.”

But how did he decision pan out vs. his prior human ISA team?

Well, first and foremost, 100% of the leads the BHGRE Journey brokerage received were responded to in under 2 minutes, 24/7. There was no more questioning which leads would be engaged and which wouldn’t, because Aisa Holmes never takes a conversation off.

Second, Steve’s brokerage saw a bump in engagement rate for these inbound online leads. Across the first 600 leads Aisa Holmes engaged, 58% responded more than once. That is a phenomenal engagement rate for the real estate industry. By leveraging text messaging, Aisa Holmes is able to communicate with real estate leads in a channel that is comfortable to buyers and sellers of any generation.

Aisa Holmes (which the BHGRE Journey brokerage collectively renamed “Beth”) also utilizes emojis passively in conversation ? ?. These fun and simple little symbols haven proven themselves to be worthy of use, even in business professional conversations by driving higher engagement.

Rather than canned responses by a team of human ISAs, who have been proven to loose focus and energy after only 1 hour of customer support, Steve’s brokerage got an AI ISA that never tires, loves its job, never quits, and comes pre-trained from day 1.

Steve has become and advent of AI today, realizing the sheer power in scale and consistency a well trained machine can give anyone in a sales and marketing role at a real estate office (which is everyone ?).

If you’re read to experience that same power AI gives Steve for yourself or your brokerage join the next wave in lead qualification today and hire Aisa Holmes. As Brad Power of the Harvard Business Review puts it:

“Clearly, it’s worthwhile for companies to test AI-powered chat or message tools to see if they can convert more leads, and improve their understanding of what customers want and need.”

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